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40 Wonderful Twitter Feeds for Poetry Buffs

Twitter Feeds for Poetry Buffs

How do you plan to celebrate National Poetry Month this year? If you’re in need of some ideas, just want to read some great poetry, or want a little poetic inspiration, Twitter is the place to be. Head to the iconic social media site to find a wealth of poetry-related tweets from poets, publishers, poetry promoting organizations, and more.

You’re sure to find something that strikes your fancy, whether you’re a college student, writer, or just love to read and share poetry.

Some of these feeds are from living poets and some just share quotes from poets long dead. Either way, you’ll love reading what they have to offer.

  1. @DrMayaAngelou: While this account isn’t verified, it looks pretty legitimate and offers insights into what this famous poet and educator is up to.
  2. @Oliver_delaPaz: Poet Oliver de la Paz is the author of three books of poetry and uses this Twitter feed to share information about his work and his life.
  3. @Harriet_Poetry: Sara Larsen maintains this feed for the Poetry Foundation, offering information about readings, reviews, and all things poetry.
  4. @SaulWilliams: Poet and performer Saul Williams keeps fans up to date about his appearances, latest work, and more through this feed.
  5. @chrissywilliams: Poet Chrissy Williams has published her own works, but she’s also helping to archive Saison Poetry Library’s magazine collection.
  6. @RobertFrostbyte: Robert Frost is one of America’s most acclaimed poets. Follow this feed to get daily tweets from his poetry.
  7. @TSElibot: Check out this feed to get a daily dose of TS Eliot, from his well-known works to other, lesser-known ones as well.
  8. @LordGeorgeByron: Lord Byron was a great poet when he wasn’t busy seducing ladies and being best friends with Percy Bysshe Shelley and his wife Mary. Check out his feed for bits of poetry and clever quips from the reincarnated digital form of the author.
  9. @TheRealEdAlPoe: If you like your poetry to have a spooky edge, check out this fictional feed from world-renowned poet and author Edgar Allen Poe.
  10. @FrasesNeruda: Read quotes from famous Chilean poet Pablo Neruda in their original Spanish form on this feed.

Publishers and Publications

Check out these feeds for updates from some of the biggest names in poetry publishing, both in book and magazine form.

  1. @WavePoetry: This independent poetry press in Seattle publishes a wide variety of poetry, both from new and established authors. Follow their feed for the latest updates.
  2. @Poetry_London: International poetry magazine Poetry London showcases acclaimed poets, their work, reviews, news, and more through this feed.
  3. @magmapoetry: Follow this feed to keep up with Magma Poetry, a magazine that features a different editor each issue.
  4. @32poems: Founded in 2003, this poetry journal has a solid online presence. Keep up with the magazine’s issues through their feed or take part in the weekly #poetparty chats they host.
  5. @RialtoPoetry: Poetry publisher and UK-based magazine Rialto Poetry makes it simple to keep up with their recent work through their Twitter account.
  6. @Don_Share: Don Share, senior editor of Poetry Magazine, shares some great articles, links, and retweets here.
  7. @poetrymagazine: Home of Poetry Magazine, this feed is full of amazing quotes from some of the best writers the world has ever known.
  8. @rattlepoetry: This publishing company has been putting out great works of poetry since 1994. Learn more about their latest releases here.


These organizations help support poets and promote poetry in communities around the world. Learn more about them here.

  1. @PoetryFound: This is the account of the Poetry Foundation, publisher of Poetry Magazine. Visit their feed for great tweets about articles and poems and even a few great quotes.
  2. @POETSorg : The Academy of American Poets brings you this feed, full of events, news, and updates about all things poetic.
  3. @Poetry_Society: Billed as the nation’s oldest poetry nonprofit, this organization shares amazing snippets of poetry, inspirational ideas, and news from the poetry world.
  4. @PoetryOutLoud: Love to hear poetry read out loud? That’s what this group is all about! Read through their tweets to learn more about the yearly recitation contest they sponsor, among other topics.
  5. @poetry_project: This St. Mark’s Church-based project offers a public forum for literary events, resources for writers, and much more.
  6. @thepoetrytrust: This Twitter feed helps promote the best of contemporary poetry, bringing it to a wider audience and to people who just love poetry, like yourself.
  7. @ByLeavesWeLive: The Scottish Poetry Library in Edinburgh is home to more than 40,000 works of poetry from around the world. You can get a sneak peak at their collections when you follow this feed.
  8. @poetshouse: Check back with this feed regularly for updates about events at the Poets House as well as great quotes and information about top-notch poetry.
  9. @30poets30days: The 30 Poets/ 30 Days project aims to help support children’s poetry and will be promoting great poets throughout the month of April and beyond on their Twitter feed.
  10. @penusa: PEN Center USA aims to foster a greater literary culture here in the U.S. and around the world. Learn more about their work by checking out their regularly updated feed.


If you’re in need of some new poetry to read, Twitter won’t disappoint. Follow these feeds for a few good verses.

  1. @Poetry_Daily: Need a daily dose of poetry? Then head to this feed to read a poem from books, magazines, and journals every day.
  2. @PoetryArchive: This not-for-profit organization offers a free online collection of recordings of poets reading their own work. Keep up with their tweets for information about new recordings and updates on some of the best in their collection.
  3. @PoetryVerve: This poetry fan tweets links to and quotes from some seriously great poems for your reading enjoyment.
  4. @Yourdailypoem: As you might guess from the name, this feed is full of poems, a new one every day.


From poetry awards to poetry book clubs, these feeds represent a wide range of poetry-related interests.

  1. @Poetrynews: The Poetry Foundation maintains this feed, dedicated to focusing on the best of poetry-related news.
  2. @Griffinpoetry: One of the most generous poetry prizes in the world, the Griffin Poetry Prize’s feed can be a great place to learn about some of the world’s best works of verse.
  3. @PoetryDayUK: Double up and celebrate poetry twice this year by marking not only National Poetry Month but also National Poetry Day in October! Learn more about the event from their feed.
  4. @PoetrySpeaks: Through this social network you can hook up with others who love to write and read poetry from around the world. Check out their Twitter feed for new ideas and information about the site.
  5. @Poetswritersinc: If you’re just as into writing poetry as reading it, then seek out this feed for great advice and support in your writing.
  6. @Poetbirthdays: You’ll always be able to celebrate the birthdays of your favorite poets when you follow this feed!
  7. @RumpusPoetry: Here you’ll find the feed of the Rumpus Poetry Book Club, a great place to find new poetry works to read and others who share your interests.
  8. @StAnzaPoetry: This international poetry festival held in Scotland celebrates poetry in all forms. Check out their feed to find out about next year’s festival.

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