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Google Currents Goes International, Read Fresh Content in More Places

Google Currents

Google Currents, an app for exploring online magazines and other content with the swipe of a finger, is now available worldwide for Android and iOS devices. Hundreds of U.S. editions can now be translated into your language, and there’s a new dynamic sync feature that enables you to get the content you love even faster with less battery drain.

Nearly 400 publisher editions and over 14,000 self-produced editions are now available.

After the U.S. launch, the top features readers requested were to make the app available internationally and to allow content to sync quickly. And from today Google Currents 1.1 is available around the world.

International publishers, using Google Currents Producer, can now begin adding local content for an international audience, choosing where to make it available globally and whether to enable auto-translation.

For example The Guardian in the UK, LaStampa in Italy, Financial Times Deutschland in Germany, ABC News in Australia, Neue Zürcher Zeitung in Switzerland, SociableBlog in US and Hindustan Times in India have already started publishing editions with local content.

Readers can also add their favorite local blogs which are instantly converted into Currents editions.

With our new dynamic sync feature, you’ll always have fresh content to read. As you open each edition, new content is dynamically delivered, using a minimum of your phone or tablet’s battery, bandwidth and storage.

Google Currents is now available for download on Google Play and in the Apple App Store, wherever apps are available.

You can also subscribe to SociableBlog using Google Currents today at

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