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Good News About Natural Disaster Recovery Planning (INFOGRAPHICS)

Natural Disaster Recovery
Disasters like Hurricanes (Katrina for example), Tornadoes (the recent one in Missouri) and Tsunami (in Japan) and Earthquake (today in Indonesia) have shown that healthcare facilities are at risk and the patients often depend on them for their records like medical records, multiple diagnostic imaging PACS and financial processing. An article on Health IT Exchange states that only 26% of healthcare facilities have a robust, tested disaster recovery plan.

The good news is that recent progress in technology is making this recovery process far simpler than it was. The ability to combine data from numerous sources into an intelligent storage platform equipped with Cloud technology. Through this technology you also can create constant backup of your archives in a geographically remote location. This makes it a lot safer than tape previously followed procedure. It is fast, safe and quickly reinstallable.

Check out the disaster recovery strategy infographic by Dell today and start gearing up for the next disaster!

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Disaster Recovery Planning

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