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nevaHold : Giving Consumers a Smarter Way to Engage with Companies


NevaHold is a new startup that seeks to eliminate the most frustrating and time consuming part in the customer service delivery process, by providing consumers with a unified platform that allows them to reach out to any company on the go. The service supports multiple channels to ensure the consumer’s voice is heard.

NevaHold receives a question, complaint or praise from a consumer and posts it to the respective company’s customer support channel being Facebook, Twitter, email or any other support channel. If the brand does not respond to the consumer within a certain time frame nevaHold keeps blasting the question or complaint until a response is received for the consumer.

For Consumers

nevaHold recently refreshed the service with the release of the private beta version which allows consumers visiting the site to target any brand, tell them what they feel and spark their message. The service allows consumers to do so anonymously or spark with their Facebook profile or Twitter handler to receive responses from brands depending on their preference.

When consumers login with Facebook or Twitter, nevaHold references only their usage of the service on the respective social network. Questions, criticisms or praise from a user are not posted on a user’s social media profile. The service also makes available what others are saying about brands to help consumers decide on which brands to engage with.

For Brands

nevaHold’s strategy for brands is different from any other CRM services out there aside their focus on the consumers, the service also provides a faster and more comprehensive means for brands to reach out to their customers through an end–to-end communication channel.

nevaHold believes that great customer support is a key determinant in the way brands engage and retain their customers than other forms of incentives such as promotions and rewards and therefore provides brands with tools to help them continually differentiate in their space.

How it Works

The service provides consumers with three simple steps to get their voice heard, on the landing page users can;

  • Select any brand from the company name field.
  • Ask a question, comment, praise or complain.
  • Spark message, which sends a user’s comment to a brands customer support channel.  From the response pop up screen, users can login with Facebook or Twitter in order to receive response from a brand.

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