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10 Marketing Tips for Slideshare That Everyone Should Know

Marketing Tips for Slideshare

Slideshare is a powerful and the biggest social media platform for sharing and viewing presentation. Slideshare allows you to upload, embed, share and view presentations over the Internet.

While the traffic on slideshare may not be comparable to few other social networking sites, Slideshare gets a more focused and business-oriented crowd. It is popular amongst business community, B2Bs, experts and decision makers from various industries. This makes it a powerful platform for marketing your business as you get a focused group of people viewing your presentation. Here are 10 tips on how to go about marketing using slideshare:

1. Profile and Brand Introduction

Your profile name should represent your company or the keyword rich topic you want to highlight. Keyword rich names will improve the ranking while the company name or brand name would be better for long term objectives.

2. Business Information

Remember to include your business name, website url and contact details within the first few slides as many people wouldn’t go through the whole presentation.

3. Content Format

Ensure that the presentation is more visual than having loads of text. Keep the text to a minimal level. Leave enough space on the left and right side of the presentation as Slideshare marks area near left and right extremes for navigation. Make sure that the presentation is short as you want people to read through the end.

4. Keyword Usage in Content

Do a keyword search before making the presentation and decide on a title based on the most appropriate keyword that will give you maximum exposure. Also, use tags to add keywords. Make sure that even the description of presentation has relevant keywords.

5. PDF Format

You should consider uploading the presentation in pdf format as it displays properly on Slideshare. It also makes it more convenient for people to download the presentation.

6. User Involvement

Engage user to visit your website for further information, at the end or at relevant points in your presentation. Give them an incentive to visit your website, be it for downloading a white paper or a newsletter.

7. Use of Social Media

Link your presentation to other social networking websites like Linkedin, Facebook & Twitter. You can convert the presentation into a video and load it on Youtube to reach out to more audience. Also, upload the pdf copy of presentation on scribd and other document sharing websites.

8. Embedding the Presentation

To increase the visibility, embed your presentation to your blog, website or newsletter.

9. Traceable Links

It is useful to make your links traceable. This can be done using various services.


Keep a track of comments on the presentation and you should respond responsibly. Remember, this is important as it gives you a chance to engage with potential business customer.

Slideshare can offer you business great exposure if used properly. Remember that the shared presentation is representation of your business or company and you should invest time in developing quality stuff before sharing it. The power of social media can help you reap smart gains with very little investment. From return on investment perspective, it’s a great marketing platform, if used judiciously.

Guest Author : Alex Duke is experienced blogger and content contributor. He likes to share his knowledge and experience about SEO and blogging. Alex is also an owner of Atlanta SEO company called HighwaySEO and he knows how important is to use Slideshare for business.

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