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Social Media Can Play Positive Role in Online Marketing Efforts

Online Marketing Efforts

Online marketing can open up new business and help retain current customers, meaning you had better get the ins and outs of this form of marketing down if you want to maintain and grow your small business.

An important aspect of a successful online marketing program for your small business should be a solid social media game plan, one that lets you stand out from the competition.

When you deploy such efforts via social media, you stand to benefit for a number of reasons, among which are:

  1. Improved Consumer Interaction – Just about everyone has at least one social media venue to their name, be it Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc. By being active on such sites, your business can interact with consumers, along with providing information to them. You also get a better idea of consumer habits when engaging with them on this medium;
  2. Improving your Brand and Authority – A strong social media presence also allows you to take part in online conversations involving your brand. By being active in such a discussion, you also have the opportunity to assert yourself as an expert in your industry;
  3. Ability to Increase Link Building – When you create link bait and promote it through social media, you stand to garner added links and traffic from those bloggers reading. Keep in mind, however, that it is important to form valuable links and not just try and accumulate tons of them. If you do the latter, you stand to set yourself up for spamming problems;
  4. Creating Worthwhile Content – It seems like a no-brainer, but of high importance is matching content that is of interest to specific audiences. As noted earlier, being active in the social media world allows you to interact with those audiences most closely tied to your line of business;
  5. Better Return on Investment (ROI) – Although some business owners are dissuaded from using social media because they do not feel they can get a true read of their ROI from it, social media does help. By promoting your company’s products over social media, you stand to better your conversion rate and reap the rewards of a better ROI;
  6. Cost is Relatively Cheap – Many small businesses today are looking for every way possible to save money. By utilizing social media, you essentially only pay for time and effort. Unless you hire an in-house social media person or team or go outside with such endeavors, social media is relatively cost-free. Some companies even allow multiple employees to tweet and share, meaning numerous postings are getting out there on a regular basis.

At the end of the day, active social media profiles on one or more sites allow your small business the opportunity to better connect with customers, meaning you come across as a social player.

In a day and age when competition is even fiercer given the challenging economy, being social and not anti-social is all good.

Guest Author : Dave Thomas, who discusses subjects such as small business online marketing, writes extensively for San Diego-based

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