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The Beginner’s Guide to Google AdWords

Beginners guide to Google AdWords
Exposure is crucial to creating a business. There’re many ways to do it, from organic search and content marketing to social and affiliate marketing.

However, one often overlooked tool for increasing exposure is paid search. It can be intimidating to a lot of new and small businesses, but when given the proper attention, offers a lot of great benefits.

First, it provides instant, relevant traffic to your site that you can manage and develop on your own. Less is left up to chance than organic search because you see a direct correlation between the amount of money put in and the amount of money earned.

Second, It’s a great option for a lot of small businesses because it’s flexible: no minimum monthly spend is required except what you have budget for; you can pause your advertising when it’s inconvenient for you; if you don’t want your ads showing outside of your geographic area – you can set targeting down to your target customer’s zip code.

So now that you’re sold on starting paid search :), how do you go about doing it? Simply Business has put together a great step-by-step orientation to Google AdWords, complete with useful articles and screen shots from inside Google AdWords (you don’t have to sign up to know what it looks like!).

Hopefully this will help minimize the confusion and start you on your way to paid search success.

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Google AdWords - The Small Business Guide

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