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How to Reach The Most Followers on Twitter

Reach The Most Followers on Twitter

Are you reaching as many Twitter followers as you could be? It isn’t all about content, no matter how important that element (obviously) is. Nor is it about retweeting, follow back or trending links or topics. Those are only some of what you should be focusing on when you tweet to your follow list, especially when trying to catch the eye of new readers who might not yet have found your profile.

Of course, this is referring to those who use it for professional purposes. If you are a casual or recreational Twitter user, it isn’t something you really need to worry about. You can post anything at any time, and just enjoy the conversations with friends and family.

But if you need to bulk up your followers list while better reaching the ones you have, there is one factor you need to keep an eye on: when you tweet. Dan Zarrella had an interesting presentation called The Science of Retweets. While it is a few years old, it is still as relevant today as it was when he made it.

How about original tweets, however? When should you time, and are there any Twitter tools to help you do it?

When Tweeting Is Foolish

First of all, you need to know when tweeting is beneficial, and when it won’t lead to anything substantial. Which might seem to you like it is difficult to gauge, thanks to how many people you may have on your followers list, and their demographic information.

All you can hope to do is come up with a basic average of when the majority of your list are and aren’t on. Luckily, this isn’t that hard because there is a pretty wide time window for most users on Twitter, who tend to check whenever they get the chance. Even with a serious time difference between countries, you can find some overlap.

If you have followers almost entirely from a single continent, it can be even easier. For example, if you have almost everyone following you within North America, you can isolate the best time to within an average for the location. The time differences between the US, Mexico and Canada are within an eight hour window.

Tools For Finding Better Times For Tweeting

There are also tools out there that can help you gather data to use in figuring out the most active times for your followers on Twitter. With so many out there, you might now know which one to use. Especially when it comes to free versus paid services.

These are, in my opinion, the best tools for finding Twitter data like active user times.


Rather than a full dashboard program that you probably don’t need, this is specifically for finding tweeting times. They connect to your account and gather all of the data on your followers. It then gives you an easy to read graph that shows when you hit a peak time for tweeting.

You can see this data in several ways. They have general stats, which are then broken down into specific days, or just weekdays and weekends. There are hourly graphs so you can really begin to break it down and see how your follower schedules work. Or, you can look at what times they usually post @replies to your tweets, as well as others.

All of this gives you a clear picture of when the bulk of your followers are online and replying.

When to Tweet?

Probably the most well known tool on this list, When To Tweet does exactly that: tells you when it is best to tweet on your account, based on user data. Unlike the one about, this is a paid site. It costs $4.99 to use once to get a full profile breakdown that will give you the best and worse times to be tweeting, and other times through the day when you will be able to reach a moderate number of followers.

The results are pretty in depth and very accurate. I would say it is worth paying the $4.99, especially with how they often better optimize your overall account use.


More simple than the other two, this one syncs with your account, then gives you a breakdown by both day and hour to see how many people tend to be on. It doesn’t personalize it beyond that, but it still gives you the basic information you need.

It is all based on retweets per tweet, rather than when followers are signed in. Which changes it up a bit and gives you a different kind of analysis.


There is no point in tweeting when no one will be online to reply, see or retweet it. You have to be aware of the best times to post, in order to run your Twitter account as effectively and professionally as possible.

It is much easier to do this now, thanks to the three tools above. Just put in a little bit of information and it will give you a whole wave of relevant data back. Including the customized time to best reach your followers.

Guest Author: Tom Chu is the SEO manager at PsPrint, a company specializing in online printing. PsPrint offers an array of free tools, for example it lets you make your own business cards online.

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