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6 Things That the All New iPhone 5 Does Not Have

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With the  iPhone  5  hitting the  market in September 21 this month,  millions of iPhone users  are  planning to upgrade to the new version  of the ultimate Smartphone.  But before you actually go ahead and opt for this new gadget, let us take a quick look at some of the key features that Apple left out of this model. We hope these features may find their way into the next iPhone.

1. No Radical Change in Design: Sure, it’s taller and sleeker (18% thinner and 20 % lighter) than the iPhone 4/4S but it still looks like a lengthened iPhone 4. Also, the screen is larger with 4 inches retina display diagonally. However, a lot of iPhone users wanted it wider and taller.

2. No NFC:  Prior to iPhone 4S release it was rumored that Apple may have been working on integrating NFC (near-field communication) technology into the next iPhone. After all, many of its competitors including Samsung Galaxy S3 have it. To those who don’t know much about NFC – it is sort of a bar code replacement technology which enables your iPhone to act as an e-wallet or even as a car key. Now that’s cool!

However, when we look at the new iOS 6 Passbook feature, which allows users to store and access electronic versions of their tickets, boarding passes, as well as merchant cards, we seriously hope that it is an indication that NFC will be included in next iPhone.

3. No Higher-Capacity Memory Model: Users were happy when iPhone 4S came in a 64GB version. So naturally many expected the new iPhone to come in a 128GB version.  To their disappointment, like the 4S, the iPhone 5 also stops at 64GB.

4. No Big leap in Battery Life: For a phone with a faster processor (A6 chip) and graphics chip, iPhone 5 has a decent battery life. But many expected Apple to make a statement with a considerably improved battery life. However, as per the experts, the iPhone 5 battery is only slightly better than its predecessor.

5. No Biometric Security: Isn’t it cool to swipe with your finger instead of entering a password to unlock your phone? Rumor is that, Apple has filed some patents related to this feature, but it hasn’t included it in the new phone.

6. No Built-in Inductive Charging:  At present, you have to buy a separate charging sleeve and charging mat for your iPhone to charge your phone’s battery using inductive “wireless” charging. If you have the inductive-charging chip built into the phone and can do away with the sleeve then you’ll only have to buy the mat.

Qi (pronounced chee) is a new standard for inductive charging as recognized by the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) which can be found in the Nokia Lumia 920.  But iPhone 5 users will at least have to wait till the next gen iPhone to get this feature.

So, make sure to look at these minor omissions from Apple iPhone before you decide to opt for one.  Of course, these are no biggies, but from Apple, we expect no less than these!

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