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Picture Perfect: How to Start a Photo Blog

Start a Photo Blog

Many people have taken their love for taking pictures and turned it into a site for all to see. And yes, I mean site. Photo blogging is the latest craze, and these sites are popping up all over the Internet.

If you love taking pictures, and you want to showcase your photos to the world, you should create a photo blog, and the following information will teach you how.

Choose Your Platform.

As with regular blogging, you will first need to choose which platform you want to use for your photo blog. There are plenty of free options available that are extremely user friendly, so even if you don’t know the first thing about blogging, you can still create your site without needing to hire a professional. Blogger and WordPress tend to be the most popular and user friendly options out there, but if you want to start small, then opting for a social sharing site like Tumblr may be the best option.

Know Your Goal.

Before you can move on, you’ll need to decide what you want out of your photo blog. Is it simply going to be a way for you to keepsake your memories and share them with close friends and family members, or are you trying to make a name for yourself as an accomplished photographer and you aspire to earn a dedicated following? When you know what you want from your blog, you’ll be able to decide on themes for your pictures and your posts as well as know the audience you want to target.

Choose Your URL.

After you have chosen your platform and thought of your goals, you’ll need to choose the URL of your photo blog. This can be something as simple and straightforward as “My Crazy Photos”, but if you want to earn a large following or if you have a theme to your photos, you may want to opt for  a URL with keywords. You may want to spend some time thinking about what URL would be the best fit for your blog.

Choose Your Theme.

All blogging platforms allow you some creative leeway when it comes to designing your blog, so make sure that you choose a theme that complements the purpose of your blog and your photos. Use this time to set up your navigation and enable any widgets or plugins that you think are necessary for your blog.

Be Consistent.

Since the main focus of your blog is going to be photos, you want to make sure that you’re consistent with the way you post them. Make sure that all of your photos are the same size when posted. This will give your blog a cleaner look to your visitors and make it easier for them to navigate.

If you are adding small captions to your photos, you should try to keep these as consistent as possible too. Make sure to use the same font, and keep the captions around the same length.

Stick to Photos.

If your goal is to have a photo blog, then stick to a photo blog. Don’t start adding in videos, and don’t start posting only text-based information. Your audience is dedicated to you as a photo blog, so don’t upset or confuse them by posting with random medias.

Promote It.

If you want to earn a dedicated following from your photo blog, you’ll need to promote it. Tell your friends and family members, add links to your email signature and harness the power of social media to help you spread the word. The more you promote it, the more viewers you’ll generate.

If you really want to get your feet wet in the world of photo blogging, these tips will help you get on your way.

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