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What Are The Most Efficient File Syncing Services?

File Syncing Services

File Syncing services have become absolutely essential these days for anyone and everyone to access, share, edit, view, transfer and do a lot other things with one’s files. Earlier, there was a common misconception that only working professionals need to have such services, in order to help them access their important documents and presentations, irrespective of whatever system they were working on. In other words, they could access the latest versions of all their files on the cloud from anywhere.

However, recently, people have realized that these services are important for everybody. After all, doesn’t everyone want to flaunt off his or her latest vacation pictures out of the blue to someone? Or wouldn’t students want the latest updated versions of their term papers or assignments loaded on the cloud, so they could work on them further, whenever and wherever they find the time?

Moreover, when sharing documents between multiple people, these services ensure that one does not have to carry a file in a pen drive or mail heavy attachments for the other person to access the file. The shared party can edit it as soon as it’s on the cloud.

Considering all of this, there are a lot of file syncing service options available in the market these days. While some are free with generous limits on the amount of data one can store, others are paid.


This one’s the simplest to operate, when compared with other services. Upon download, the user basically gets a Dropbox folder on his/her device, and as soon as one puts a file in that folder, it gets synced. Unlike other services, this one also allows users to create subfolders, and is available for platforms such as Linux, Windows, iOS, Android and Blackberry. So one can use it on quite a lot of phones and tablets too.

The free version gives 2GB space, while 100 GB is available at a price of $19.99 a month.

Apple iCloud

This one’s available for Windows PCs, and iOS running devices. It’s slightly difficult to understand and operate, and does not give the liberty to upload and sync all kinds of files. It’s more like a back-up system, and cannot be completely considered to be a file-syncing system. It’s a must have for iOS users to help them automatically back-up their iPhones, iPads etc, but cannot be used much by others. While iTunes Match is a good feature, enabling users to delete music files from their computer, when the web finds a match for them and lets them stream the same files, the overall performance of this service is only good for Apple users.

Apple iCloud  has versions ranging from free to $100 per year, along with additional charges for iTunes Match.


This one works pretty easily, and is again available over all platforms like iOS, Windows PC, Android etc. Unlike Dropbox, SugarSync works on Symbian and Windows mobile too. One of the major advantages it has is that of a 5GB free storage upon download. Doing some interesting tasks, such as installing it on the phone, or sharing the application with friends gives free storage too!

More storage can be purchased up till 100GB, at $14.99 a month, making it cheaper than Dropbox.