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Top 10 Sites that Offer Free WordPress Blog Setup

Free WordPress Blog Setup

The internet is a platform worth billions of dollars for individuals and business seeking to start their own websites or blogs. There are many new websites and blogs being created on a daily basis making it more difficult for the newbie to get started. As competition grows to be found by search engines it is imperative your website or blog start off with the right resources to be successful. If you are unsure as what that means exactly, we recommend seeking out a company that will help you get started by setting up your website or blog for you to ensure you get the right tools needed from the beginning.

I have compiled a list of website that offers free WordPress blog setup. WordPress is popular platform widely used by many individuals and business owners and offers a very flexible platform that can be used either as a blog or CMS website. You can use your WordPress website as a means of delivering information, selling products, and services.

Our List of Recommended WordPress Setup Websites Includes:

1. – this website is one of the best sites that offer free WordPress site setup. The website is run by a team of design experts with deep experience in creating effective, eye-catching websites. Installation includes setup and configuration of the best plugins for SEO optimization, analytics, user engagement and interactivity. The can also help you setup an e-commerce site that is integrated with your WordPress site. To ensure that your website is unique and fully-functional, they offer a variety of different themes. This allows you to customize your website to your preferences. The themes range from professional to fun themes. In addition, you can customize the sidebars of your WordPress site with custom widgets. Setup is completed within 48 hours. This site also offers options for content creation and ready-made pages like your about, services, and contact pages.

2. – has been helping people setup their WordPress blogs since 2005. They have grown with the software making them experts. They have deep skills in usability, SEO techniques, fast and clean code in setting up the blog. Their services include installation and configuration of WordPress plugins, installation of the recent software version, Google Feedburner setup, free email support, email and RSS subscription and security measures. They also offer Search Engine Optimization for your blog. Once you fill out the application they ensure your website is running within 48 hours. – this website offers free WordPress blog setup in addition to other features. Setting up your blog with this website allows you to use a stylesheet manager and a layout builder in addition to over 20 themes. Other additional features include over 9 images, posts and video display plugins. This site further offers an essential plugin pack enabling you to optimize your blog for higher traffic and exposure.

4. – this site in addition to free WordPress blog setup can even build-out the blog for you. The services that you would benefit from by using this website include 30 days of free hosting, free web marketing training and programming. Setting up the blog is easy and simple two steps. Other benefits of setting your blog with include mobile browsing, content management system, secure web hosting, Google analytics tracking, highest rated CMS, robust business tools and thousands of gorgeous themes. The aim of the website is to help you open a blog, grow your presence and monetize your activities.

5. – this website empowers you with an expert tool set and a robust foundation enabling you to maximize your WordPress blogs. The website offers you with a range of dynamic features that include customizable themes, hosting, plugins, analytics, and tutorial videos.

6. – this website helps you bypass the technical part of your blog setup. The free installation plan offers you with the installation of the latest WordPress, WordPress setup, theme installation, about page, contact page, backup plugin, security setup, logo upload, essential plugin pack, logo upload, customer care and Google Analytics.

7. – this website offers WordPress installation, basic plugin package, free theme bundle, social media, and contact form and search engine optimization. Other great services include 24/7 tech support, unlimited disk space and data backup among others.

8. – this site helps you with installation of the WordPress, plugins and configuration of database backups. The site also offers training. They include 17 professionally produced training videos available in your dashboard to help you overcome challenges that might arise later.

9. – this site helps you purchase and configure your WordPress domain, setup professional email, optimization, AdSense and feedburner account setup for your RSS subscribers. Other features include setup of email subscription, configuration for Google webmaster, installation of the plugins and automation of the blog backup.

10. – this website offers you free WordPress blog setup, free business themes pack, basic plugin pack, social media integration, contact form, Google analytics, and blog training tutorials. The setup usually takes 1 to 2 days.

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