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Solutions for WordPress Editors to Manage Their Teams with More Efficiency

It is easy to manage your content production if it is done by one person or a very small team in same physical space. But to manage multiple teams working on the same project from different locations is a very challenging task. The requirement here does not rely on accessibility of the software alone but also on the flexibility and customization strength of the CMS in order to manage all the netiquettes across different teams. The question here is to find the solution which suits best to everyone involved in the process.

In this post we will explore some of the WordPress plugins, which are specially suited to the WordPress Editors in managing their teams more efficiently and effectively.

1. ContentCloud

Betaout’s ContentCloud system developed as SaaS (Software as a Service), focuses on managing of editorial teams of multiple websites. Based on the WordPress platform this plugin is such a powerful tool that it can be termed as a complete plugin platform instead of a standalone plugin. The content cloud system is easily integrated with multiple WordPress websites and being developed on the plug and play architecture makes it easier to remove it from the system when desired, without any changes in user permissions.

The plugin offers a single platform in handling multiple writers and editors using customized individual workflows and resource sharing and also offers feedback mechanism in a simple manner. The smart workflow management of the plugin allows the editorial teams to focus on content and not on administrative tasks such as handling the teams, therefore allowing real-time collaboration between the team of writers, editors and publishers as desired.

2. User Role Editor

User Role Editor as the names suggests is a WordPress plugin used to enhance role capabilities of multiple authored websites. This plugin redefines role responsibilities in a user friendly manner allowing the administrator to upgrade or downgrade any user’s role ranging from writer to editor or even a customized responsibility except the administrator rights. Various capabilities can be added to each individual user apart from assigning new roles in the publishing team by the simple click on the plugin page. The plug-in is highly customized and even supports multiple websites at the same time. The user role editor plugin has powerful inbuilt features that redefine user role responsibility in a professional manner making management of a large team an easy breeze. All obsolete and unwanted self-made roles are easily deleted by a simple click and can be removed in case there are no more active users performing the specific assigned role.

The easy user interface and highly customized nature of the user role editor plugin makes it a must have plugin for websites that promote users and editors depending on their quality and quantum of work. User role editor plugin works just as well with multiple websites while assigning responsibilities on a per user basis.

User Role Editor

3. Article List Manager

Article List Manger is a WordPress plugin designed specifically for News Publication. This application was developed by a famous Swedish News Publication house to manage their daily publication without deploying any complex application. This application is supported with all new WordPress version along with PHP environment. This plugin simply offers a more convenient interface at the good old WordPress dashboard to create lists of all published or upcoming articles. This plugin also helps to design customer Front Page for the daily News Blog publication. This plugin is not only a widget or add-on, but also offers a wide range of theme support and templates to design the Article Listing section.

Article list manger allows modification or manipulation of the article list so that custom formation and design can be created over this simple plugin. The admirable best feature of this plugin is the JQuery and CSS supportability. This feature allows professional blog developer like me to create animated article list for my dynamic and interactive News Blogs.

Article List Manger

4. User Permissions

User Permission plugin enables the WordPress permissions’ model to allow users to allocate access to specific posts that prevent others from reading or editing it. It is compatible with Red Alt’s popular Role Manager Plugin. Intending users can download the User Permissions plugin from the WordPress Plugin source, unzip it (if available in Win-zip format) and upload user-permissions listing to the user’s personalized WordPress-content directory. User Permission creates a role while editing a post or page by making a new form appear to the right of the content. When a role is enabled, everything else is restricted. That is, if an administrator has been allowed access to a post then all other roles that are not enabled are by default restricted. If no roles are assigned then admission is determined by WordPress defaults.

The user section allows users to additionally mention specific user IDs separated by a comma allowing specific access to them. Any user listed herein shall be allowed entry, regardless of any other role denying them entry. If reading access to a post is restricted then it is rendered invisible from the home page, search results, and archives, for users not having proper authorization. Users can additionally enlist a post ID that shall redirect a restricted user to the original post, should they attempt to view it.

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5. WP Document Revisions

WP Document Revision is a document managing and edition regulation plugin that is built for time-barred and mission-centric projects. Using this plugin specialized teams can work together to edit files in any format like text docs, worksheets, image files, music and video files without losing track of the document’s progress as it moves through a particular organization’s current work stages. Inspired from a simple philosophy of making powerful yet insightful tools available to managers and online content creators, it assorts many of the essential WordPress features that were tested and proven over several industries.

Some notable features include data sending, add-ons, reviews, catalogs, verification, and hyper-links that help in the creation and publication of documents an easy endeavor. The WP Document revisions can be considered to be an open-for- all and more sensitive adaptation of the trendy Microsoft online partnership collection, SharePoint. In summary WP Document Revisions is not one but three things rolled into one i.e.

  • A document supervision structure to trail, accumulate and systematize files of any layout
  • An alliance to empower teams working on different aspects of a huge project to agree to work together in framing, editing and fine tuning documents
  • A file hording system to circulate and protectively deliver files to a team working on a project,to clients or to the public

WP Document Revisions

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