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Stop Being The Most Annoying Social Media “Friend”

Stop Being The Most Annoying Social Media “Friend”

Stop Being The Most Annoying Social Media Friend

The rise of social media platforms as a way to socialize has reconnected millions of users with family members and friends old and new. On the flip side, it has also spawned some obnoxious archetypes. Everyone has at least one of these “friends,” people who bombard your News Feed with inconsequential details about their lives or incessantly invite you to play Farmville. Even now, you may be posting a long status diatribe about how frustrating it is to deal with people who only care about themselves….wait. Have you become one of those obnoxious social media friends? Check the following descriptions to see if you qualify.

The Complainer

“The Complainer” has never had a good day in his life. He spends all of his energy venting about the horrible things happening around him: a stressful commute, the stupid meeting he had to attend, getting mud on his favorite pair of shoes. Orange County Custom says this Facebook friend complains so much that it becomes hard to empathize when bad things really do happen. Watch your status updates to make sure they don’t just emphasize the negative and seek pity from others, or you risk becoming “The Complainer.”

The Do-Gooder

“The Do-Gooder” is off on yet another international service trip, saving the whales or providing medical care to the indigenous people of the Amazon Basin. Most of her stories are fascinating, but she also incessantly posts links to her latest fundraising efforts. Although you may want to support a good cause like your life saving friend, beware of donating via credit card, which may make you vulnerable to identity theft. “Liking” on Facebook can give you tips on how to protect yourself.

The Rich and Famous

This trust fund kid apparently has nothing better to do than hang out on his parents’ yacht off the Amalfi Coast. He posts pictures of himself throwing back bottles of Dom Perignon with his rich-kid friends or taking his brand new Ferrari for a drive. CNBC points out that these friends are seemingly out of touch with the troubles of regular folks and just looking for a good time and a new way to blow some cash.

The Couple

Although this obnoxious Facebook friend is technically two autonomous people, you would never know it from their online behavior. “The Couple” does everything together, from simultaneous lovey-dovey status updates to 800 new pictures from their latest weekend getaway. Blog World says “The Couple” is also guilty of counting down the days — or hours — until their next biggest milestone, whether it is a 2-month anniversary or their weekly game night.

The Narcissist

According to, “The Narcissist” is perhaps one of the most common varieties of obnoxious Facebook friend and may even be…you. This person combines many qualities of the above offenders. He may post a half-dozen new pictures of himself every day, discuss every new purchase he plans to make, or mention the trials and tribulations of his day-to-day life. Either way, it’s always about him.

It is easy to accidentally slip into the mode of being an annoying Facebook friend, so carefully monitor your social media use to avoid these behaviors. Post pictures and status updates judiciously to keep from irritating your friends. And if you feel an irresistible urge to post an iPhone picture of yourself in your bathroom mirror, just say no.

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