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5 Brand Monitoring Tools Every PR & Marketer Should Use

5 Brand Monitoring Tools Every PR & Marketer Should Use

HyperAlerts - Brand Monitoring Tool

It’s important to monitor the reputation of a brand established in the marketplace. Conversations about your brand will take place and in some cases things could turn in a negative direction. The public relations and marketing people need to stay involved in the online conversations and keep things as positive as possible.

There are a number of quality tools available to help them, here’s a list of 5 provided by PR Agency One – B2B PR specialists.


Hootsuite allows users to manage all of their social media accounts from one dashboard. Users can listen and participate in conversations about their brand and receive analytic reports if you are a pro user. The pro account is cheap and includes unlimited social media accounts and analytics integration for Google and Facebook. There is even a 30 day free trial to see if you like it. The free version is less powerful, but it allows up to five social media accounts and is all some brands will need.


Social Mention

Social Mention provides alerts from social media sources. Users are able to specify which source they want to track or you can choose everything from Ask to Zoomr and monitor them all. They also offer aggregated data on current Internet trends. The trend data includes information on how often your brand is being discussed, and what the sentiment is towards the brand. It also has measurements to help determine the likelihood of people continuing to talk about your brand, and the number of unique authors mentioning the brand.

Google Alerts

Google Alerts is easy to use. Provide your email and type in a few key phrases around the name of your brand and it does the rest. You will receive email alerts when conversations about your brand take place and the email includes a link for related stories if there are any. It is completely free as well. The settings allow you to filter your results if you start getting alerts that are irrelevant or they are coming too frequently.

Google Alerts


Twilert is another easy to use application. You sign in with your Google or Twitter accounts and set up an alert much like the Google Alerts. Twilert allows you to also follow specific Twitter accounts that are either sending or receiving tweets. The alert contains some information on whether the tweets were positive or negative or asking questions.


HyperAlerts is a tool for tracking posts and comments on a Facebook page. The settings allow the user to determine how frequently the alerts arrive in their email and how many pages they want to track. One interesting feature is the alerts are for anyone who wants them not just the administrators of the pages.

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