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The Worst Web Design Clients (INFOGRAPHICS)

The Worst Web Design Clients (INFOGRAPHICS)

Web Design Clients

Every freelancer has horror stories about certain clients. There are the ones who don’t pay on time, the ones who don’t know what they want and the ones who keep changing their minds. Sure, plenty of clients are good ones, but they don’t get talked about as much for the very reason that they simply don’t generate the same horrifying stories.

Web designers face a number of unique challenges in dealing with clients. Because of the technology involved, clients often simply don’t realize what they are asking for. It can be difficult for clients to conceptualize what a site should look like and why, and they often don’t understand what types of revisions are quick fixes and what types create many additional layers of work for the designer. Those frustrations combined with the usual stumbles and miscommunications that are likely to occur in typical relationships between creative freelancers and clients can result in a very challenging work environment indeed.

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The Worst Web Design Clients

Infographic from: Top Web Design Programs

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