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Top 25 jQuery Image Galleries and Slideshow Plugins

Top 25 jQuery Image Galleries and Slideshow Plugins

jQuery Image Galleries and Slideshow Plugins

Using a jQuery slideshow can make a huge difference in the layout and delivery of your website.

To help get you started, here’s 25 of the coolest jQuery plugins for slideshows and image galleries –

  1. AD Gallery : Quick-loading, lightweight plugin uses image pre-loading for fast delivery and image descriptions to create a user-friendly experience.
  2. Coin Slider : One of the coolest offerings, this plugin is extremely flexible and is compatible with most modern browsers, including Android and iOS.
  3. ColorBox : Support provided for iFrames, Ajax and photo images, this lightbox plugin is fully customizable and extremely lightweight.
  4. Fancybox : Window-style plugin which can handle a lot of different types of media including Flash, iFrames, Ajax, inline content, images and more.
  5. Galleria : Professional-looking galleries that work great on desktop and mobile devices. Theme included in download bundle, custom themes can be created using API.
  6. Galleriffic : Easy integration with jQuery.history plugin to create URLs that are bookmark-friendly for each image. Custom transition effects, flexible gallery creation and caption support.
  7. jQuery.Popeye 2.0 : Choose from a couple of different slideshow options. Embed multiple slideshows on each page. Great low-key image gallery without a lot of fuss.
  8. LightBox : Inspired by the popular Lightbox JS, this jQuery version is very lightweight, simple and easy to use. Images are viewed over top of the current page.
  9. Micro Image Gallery : Three sizes are available in this tiny (micro) image gallery – 222 pixels is the largest, 162 pixels and then 102 pixels is the smallest.
  10. Morphing Gallery : Instead of auto-sizing your images, the entire slideshow changes its shape and size to fit your image. Very cool.
  11. Nivo Slider : 16 unique transition effects and lots of fantastic settings help you create a unique gallery experience for your visitors. Valid, standards-compliant markup.
  12. Orbit : Lots of options for navigation with this theme: image thumbnails as well as basic nav tools can be linked in or outside of the container.
  13. PikaChoose : Awesome lightweight plugin for slideshows with options for light boxes and carousels. Create your own theme or choose a premium theme.
  14. PrettyPhoto : This lightbox clone will help you create styled single images or galleries. Options available for iFrames and Ajax, video, Flash and images.
  15. ShineTime : Animated shine effects make this an eye-catching gallery plugin. Add effects to photo captions or thumbnails.
  16. Sideways : This image gallery is fullscreen, which is great for visually-based portfolio, showcase or e-commerce websites.
  17. SlideDeck : Customize the display to make it totally your own through the use of custom skins, touch screen support, slider mode and CSS customization.
  18. Slides : Excellent option for novice users, but enough functions to keep advanced users happy. Multiple slideshows can be embedded on a page and images can include links and captions.
  19. SlideViewer : Super lightweight plugin which utilizes a bit of HTML code, CSS for customization and a simple unordered list. Captions can be added as well.
  20. Sliding Image Gallery : Like the iTunes album viewer? This plugin was totally inspired by it.
  21. Smooth Div Scroll : Scrolling with no limits! No visible links or buttons applied to this gallery – users scroll through hotspots linked within the scrollable area or by use of auto-scroll.
  22. Spacegallery : A long time ago, in a galaxy far away… this plugin offers a very familiar-looking 3D interface that makes it fun to navigate through the images.
  23. Supersized : Auto-sizing helps the images fit the user’s browser window. This plugin works as a background slideshow that fits fullscreen.
  24. TN3 Gallery : Multiple albums, mouse wheel navigation, document linking, full screen options and dynamic image sizing make it easy and quick to use.
  25. YoxView : Another lightbox styled plugin for images and other types of media. However, this plugin also works with video via Vimeo, Hulu and YouTube, Flash, iFrames and inline content.


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