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What is Google Doing With Its Money? (INFOGRAPHICS)

What is Google Doing With Its Money? (INFOGRAPHICS)

Google Doing With Its Money

Google is a company that likes innovation, whether it’s by developing completely new concepts, or by helping out with new or emerging technologies. And they can really afford to help out in almost any way that they wish, as the company currently holds cash reserves totaling $44 billion. There are quite a few projects and company acquisitions that Google has spent money on in the last few years.

YouTube is perhaps Google’s most widely known acquisition. Just like Google is synonymous with search, YouTube has become known as the go-to place for online video. They were purchased for $1.65 billion back in 2006 and continue to work as a subsidiary of Google.

Google+ is seen by many as being the company’s answer to Facebook, as they hope to take a piece of the social networking pie. More than 100 million users have joined Google+ since the service became available to the public. It is believed that Google has invested $700 million for research and development in Google+ and continues to put in more money to make the network more competitive and functional.

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What is Google Doing With Its Money?

Infographic source: Best Computer Science Degrees

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