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New Startup Pinbooster Introduces Side Business Model to Complement Pinterest

New Startup Pinbooster Introduces Side Business Model to Complement Pinterest

If you don’t know, Pinterest is the social picture sharing site started by Ben Silbermann during the recession after quitting his job at Google. Pinterest is now one of the top 50 most trafficked sites in the world with over 25 million visitors in the US alone.  But the big issue facing this startup like most is that the site has not come up with a means of revenue from all that pinning. This is side issue, as many startups have spawned side companies that work alongside them like the tweetie app which was later bought by twitter and renamed twitter.

Pinterest too has inspired some entrepreneurs just the same to enter the market. Pinbooster works similar to how the how pay-per-tweet services work except this functions in hand with Pinterest by paying users to repin.

The idea came about from a group of frequent Pinterest users who noticed that there was no one doing what companies like Adly were doing for twitter which was sponsoring tweets. So with funding from friends and family in hand they started Pinbooster.

In less than 8 months the group set up a site and started a beta version of the service. They’ve been signing on users since May but officially launched in October. The users who must have a current pinterest account sign on to the service and will be paid to repin to extend a campaigns reach. Brands would be able to really boost their reach with the new service.

How does it work?

The site caters to and works in conjunction with clients who are agencies, advertisers and brands.  The client gets to chose from Pinbooster’s tools to segment and detail the kind of campaign reach they are looking for by specifying things like location, number of followers, style of the pinner and cost per pin. A dashboard is supplied to help them specify what kind of messaging, photo and url they want their pincers to send out when they repin. Once this criteria is received Pinbooster adds functionality that appends the content to add has tags automatically.

Pinbooster’s pinners are currently over 1000 and there is also a waiting list. Anyone can get on the waiting list to become a paid pinner but they need to be active Pinterest user in order to join. Pinterest is not an immediate join as there is too sometimes a waiting list to be invited.  Pinbooster makes things easy for the user by suggesting cost per pin as a gauge but the price is ultimately set by the user.

The process starts for the user after they accept a campaign when notified by email what the job is and what the pay per pin will be. Users are encouraged to craft their own wording and they merely need to adhere to the hashtags given.

Pinbooster has helped boost several successful campaigns and is currently entertaining investors.

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