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Top 5 Print Plugins for WordPress

Top 5 Print Plugins for WordPress

Have you ever tried printing a short blog post only to find that doing so wasted several sheets of paper? Not only is this a waste of paper, it’s a waste of expensive ink – and it’s frustrating. Show your readers that you care about their experience and the environment by using one of the following top print plugins for Word Press.


CleanPrint bills itself as an eco-friendly choice. Once installed, the plugin places a series of buttons alongside each blog post branded with a green leaf. The choices include print page, create PDF, and email. The user simply clicks the desired button and is presented with an easy-to-follow dialog box.


Users can also quickly send the document to their Box or Dropbox accounts and make choices such as removing images and using less ink. By default, CleanPrint includes its logo along the top. However, you can substitute your own logo if desired. In addition, CleanPrint includes your website’s URL on the printed or saved document.

CleanPrint is an elegant solution with numerous options. However, all of the extra goodies could tax some Web browsers.

Print Me

Print Me is not nearly as attractive as CleanPrint, nor does it have all the branding. However, it is extremely easy to use and it loads quickly. By default, Print Me places a tiny icon at the top of each blog post. You can adjust the size of the icon within the plugin’s settings section. In addition, you can add Print Me icons directly within a WordPress post or page by using a short code.

Print Friendly and PDF Button

Print Friendly and PDF Button allows users to quickly select portions of your post to print or create a PDF file. It offers a large selection of button styles as well as a color picker for the text color. In addition, you can select whether to place the button before or after the content as well as choose which type of pages and posts to include the button on.

Print Friendly and PDF Button

The dialog box is clean and intuitive with three self-explanatory choices (Print, PDF, and Email) along the top. The user can also adjust the text size and remove images if desired. Users can select text within the page to delete as well. The printed page contains both the site’s primary URL as well as the URL to the specific blog post.

iCopyright Toolbar

iCopyright Toolbar is a little different from the other WordPress print plugins. This plugin, like the others, adds a print button to each post. However, it also adds options for sharing, emailing, and republishing content. This toolbar focuses on monetizing content and protecting its copyright. For example, when a user clicks print, a dialog box appears giving them a choice between free (ad-supported) and paid prints.

The republishing portion of this plugin allows users to share your content while respecting its copyright. Several free and paid options are available.

Unprintable Blog

What if you don’t want users to print your blog posts? Whether you’re concerned about the environment or want greater control over how your content is used and shared, ‘Unprintable Blog‘ WordPress plugin makes it impossible for users to print your blog posts using standard print commands.

Unprintable Blog

Options are available to allow PDF printing. Depending on how you set up PDF printing, you can restrict users from printing the PDF version as well

From making it easy to print blog posts to preventing it – and a few other useful options in between – these WordPress plugins provide you with greater control over how users interact with your content. Which WordPress print plugin is right for your blog?

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