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The Projected Top 5 SEO Trends For 2013

The Projected Top 5 SEO Trends For 2013

In all honesty, the online environment has had a major impact on how business is conducted nowadays. However, as you probably noticed in the past years, a company’s presence online is not enough to guarantee its success and profitability. With the mobile environment gaining more ground on the internet, it is safe to state that the SEO techniques have changed significantly in the past couple of years.

In fact, the best way to raise awareness about your business and expand your client database consists of using the adequate SEO methods. Considering the major search engines constantly alter their algorithm, the key to maintaining your company’s online visibility implies keeping up with the newest SEO trends and implementing them correctly.

The Dominant SEO Trends in 2012

With 2012 almost ending, now is the perfect time to review the SEO methods that proved most efficient in ensuring businesses’ online popularity and clientele. A further reason why this review is necessary is the fact that some of the SEO techniques implemented this year are very likely to function just as proficiently in 2013. Let’s summarize the notable changes in SEO in 2012.

  • The mobile search has increased exponentially, not only due to the convenience, but also because the smartphone market has become more affordable
  • 2012 marked the foreseen end of the long articles riddled with keywords, while search engines have begun to value quality over quantity more
  • With Siri and Google Voice gaining in popularity a new search method has emerged, namely the voice search feature
  • Contrary to some predictions, the social networks played a great role in SEO, especially for companies that carefully select the content they are about to share
  • The major search engines now integrate personalized search functions
  • Snippets gained more SEO value
  • The traditional link building techniques have known a decline and earning valuable links is the new kid on the block

Top 5 SEO Forecasts for 2013

Irrespective of whether you are a SEO expert or a newbie, it is important to note that in the search engine marketing world you should never get too comfortable with just one strategy. If there is one thing constant about the SEO that would be the fact that methods are always changing, evolving or morphing into something new and, most of the times at least, better. Considering the changes that occurred in the past years within the online environment, here are five very possible changes predicted to occur in the SEO niche in 2013.

  1. Press Releases will bring more Credibility

If you were to pay a closer look at the current SEO trends, you will soon realize that press releases are already becoming as important as blogging. In fact, businesses that currently employ them in their SEO strategy state that the press releases can easily convert targeted traffic as well as appeal to various media channels, two aspects that are bringing the company more credibility. Given these two reasons and considering that the press release can be classified as organic content, it is easy to understand why their importance may increase in the near future.

  1. Businesses will start investing more in Organic Search Marketing

Ironically, even though about 90% of the webmasters’ SEO budget goes to PPC campaigns, in reality the vast majority of sales stem from organic search results. Sure, the PPC will get you in top positions rather quickly, but the results have a limited lifespan. Since the data will be visible at the end of the year, it is estimated that in 2013 webmasters will allocate a lot more than 10% for organic search marketing.

  1. Video Optimization

With YouTube becoming the second largest search engine, video optimization becomes mandatory. Paying attention to the video content posted and making it attractive enough to be shared on the social networks will surely help rank a site well in both YouTube and Google.

  1. The increasing value of sites like Pinterest

Perhaps it is the innovative means of presenting the content, but websites such as Pinterest are becoming more popular among users and companies. Not to mention that they are highly appreciated by the major search engines.

  1. Google+ will play a bigger role in SEO

Even though it hit a few bumps in the road at first, Google+ made its way to the top and became a serious competition for Facebook and Twitter. Because Google+ is known to pick up a lot of search traffic, it would be a huge mistake to let this major advantage slip through your fingers.

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