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SlideIdea, A Re-Invented Presentation Tool for Smartphones

SlideIdea, A Re-Invented Presentation Tool for Smartphones

Have you ever dozed off to a presentation with too much text, difficult charts, tables to your right and left and complicated animations? Sometimes presentations are either too much or just flat, both distract the focus away from what the speaker is actually trying to communicate.

Many tools out there are complex to use and do not help the speaker to interact with the audience to make them more engaged; there are no good tools where they can raise questions or give feedback to the speaker. When a presentation is too much a one man show many people start doing other things during a presentation like facebooking, tweeting, watching movies or napping.

SlideIdea have recognized that there is a need among teachers, business representatives and conference speakers to better include and interact with their audience and that audience become much more alert and engaged when they have a channel where they can participate. Currently there’s no presentation app that facilitate this communication, they are all static presentation tools focus merely on creating and have so done for decades.

It is time for a change and with the new revolution in technology and the transformation to become more mobile has created a new demand which old software and hardware can’t satisfy; therefore new innovation is desired. SlideIdea is a new pad based presentation app for Windows 8 using cloud based technology to enabling speakers and audience to communicate with each other flawlessly through mobile devices (smartphones, pad’s or laptops).

SlideIdea on Windows 8 Pad

SlideIdea is a unique product with innovations not seen in the market before. With SlideIdea on your pad you can create presentations whenever, wherever using touch. But the real value of this tool is the sharing and interaction features that help speakers and audiences to communicate and get closer together through the use of mobile devices. The interaction features include a poll function where the audience can respond to questions through their own phone, pad or laptop. There’s also a Q&A message board and a buzz feature where the audience can send questions or comments to the speaker smoothly.

With SlideIdea the speaker can submit his slides to share which the audience who can easily download them their own SlideIdea library in their phone, pad or laptop and follow the presentation in their own device. SlideIdea is a perfect tool suitable for business people, teachers, professors, conference speakers etc. who uses presentation tools daily and is looking for a more innovative and smooth way to engage and interact with their audience to get their message across.

SlideIdea is designed for pads but through our interaction app for phones and our website for browser we have open up for everyone to be able participate in a presentation no matter if you have the native app or not. This to enable teachers to use SlideIdea whenever wherever and still get. SlideIdea is a knowledge sharing platform for the mobile era.

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