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Using Pinterest to Boost Keyword Rankings on Search Engines

Using Pinterest to Boost Keyword Rankings on Search Engines

With more than 21 million views each month, Pinterest has been gaining popularity and becoming highly visible in search engine results. Individual bloggers and businesses alike use Pinterest to build links and rank their keywords. When other Pinterest members repin their images, strong links are created and keywords are ranked higher on search engines. Here are some strategies you can use to encourage Pinterest users to repin your content and increase your traffic:

Develop an attractive website with quality content

You can use Pinterest as an opportunity to boost rankings and increase your traffic. With higher page rankings, search engines are more likely to direct traffic to your website. However, if your website is unattractive or lacks quality content, any readers who visit your website will not stay long. In order to retain viewers on your blog or website, you should provide interesting articles and content that will increase your chances of gaining repeat customers. Also, if your awesome images are repinned on Pinterest, other members will visit your website. Make your site welcoming and user-friendly for all of your readers.

Have a clear target

Pinterest can help you rank your keywords higher on search engines, but you must have a focus for your website in order to achieve results. Identify the most meaningful keywords for your site so they can be ranked.

Find your target market

Pinterest has millions of members with a variety of interests. You can easily find your target market by searching for people with similar interests. By following other members with the same hobbies and pastimes, you can get them to repin your content. This may lead to lots of sharing if your images are worthwhile and entertaining.

Search for relevant content

You can connect with your target market by searching for similar content and users. Use the search box on Pinterest to find other people who may be interested in your images. Follow their content and leave comments so you can build a relationship and interact with them.

Comment and establish relationships

Build relationships with other Pinterest users by repinning their content and commenting regularly. If you offer interesting thoughts in your comments on images, other members who view that picture will probably click on your profile to learn more. Then, they can see your content and repin your images if they like them.

Select important keywords

Choose a few keywords that are relevant to your page or website to increase your traffic. Focus on three to five words and share them in your content. This will encourage viewers to repin your images and show their friends.

Unhide your profile from search engines

In the user account settings on Pinterest, you can hide or unhide your profile from search engines. If you have a hidden profile, Google and other search engines cannot crawl and find your content on Pinterest. To gain visitors to your website, make your profile visible by selecting the “Unhide” option.

Unhide your Pinterest profile from search engines
Profile > Settings > OFF

Insert keywords in your profile

The purpose of your Pinterest profile is to share who you are with other members. Create an interesting and appealing profile that contains your relevant keywords, too. Don’t overflow your profile with spam keywords, but include one or two of them to increase your traffic.

Insert keywords in board descriptions

To enhance your company’s goals, create interesting boards related to your business. For example, if your website is for a bakery, pin images that have to do with how your business got started, events you attended, and your special holiday recipes. When doing so, be sure to include your keywords in the board descriptions and add a link to your website as well.

Use Infographics and Quotes to promote your website on Pinterest

Since Pinterest is highly visual, you can create infographics and inspirational quotes for your company. If they are informative and interesting, other members will be inclined to repin your images.

Start a Pinterest Competition

Organize a purposeful competition to get Pinterest users to visit your website. Fun and friendly competitions encourage members to post their own images and repin your pictures. They share content with their own friends, which increases traffic to your content and website.

Pinterest Competition
Pinterest Competition Example: This pin featured a quote on it – one that makes it more likely to be shared.

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