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Gobble, Gobble: 40 Mouthwatering Pinterest Turkey Recipes for Thanksgiving

Gobble, Gobble: 40 Mouthwatering Pinterest Turkey Recipes for Thanksgiving

Gobble, Gobble, Toil and Trouble – Why, it’s Thanksgiving already! Everyone wants a big fat Thanksgiving dinner with family and friends. And the Thanksgiving dinner table has only one centerpiece – a big fat turkey!

Now, cooking the perfect turkey can be tricky and needs a lot of skill. So if you are not an expert already, you can always do with some inspiration. Pinterest can be an ideal resource for such inspirations. But don’t tire yourself – we’ve done the hard work for you and pulled together recipes that can add a special touch to your Thanksgiving dinner!

Read on to gather the inspiration for some amazing, juicy, flavorful, moist turkey recipes that will earn you the domestic goddess award this Thanksgiving.

The Traditional Turkey

Traditional Turkey Recipes

  1. Herb Roasted Turkey Breast – Moist flavorful turkey that can steal the show at any Thanksgiving dinner.
  2. Roasted, Brined Turkey Breast with Maple-Worcestershire Gravy and Fruit and Nut Rice Pilaf – This dish is a crowd pleaser and a complete meal in itself. But Thanksgiving deserts are too delicious to resist.
  3. Turkey Basted in Roasted Garlic Sage Butter with Cranberry Herb Stuffing – The smell of warm sizzling garlic sage butter, the stuffing … one word – ‘Bellissimo!’
  4. Brined Herb-Crusted Turkey with Apple Cider Gravy – For those who love a Fruity tartness in their gravy, this is a perfect turkey dish. A party pleaser without a doubt!
  5. Good Eats Roast Turkey – Try this turkey roast once, and this is the ONLY way you’ll ever make a turkey!
  6. Brined, herb-roasted Thanksgiving Turkey – It’s traditional, tasty and so moist that everyone loves it.
  7. Perfect Roast Turkey – Well, the name says it all, doesn’t it?
  8. Spice-Cured Turkey –‘Best turkey recipe *ever* this is my tried and true recipe I use any time we host Thanksgiving at our place.’ – says the pinner.
  9. Lemon Rosemary Brined Roast Turkey – Invigoratingly fresh and delicious, not that’s the way you eat a turkey!

The Easy Breezy Turkey

Got no time for some elaborate turkey recipe? Try any of these instead. They are less stressful, time-consuming but taste very traditional.

  1. 2 Hour Thanksgiving Turkey – Turkey in just two hours? Yes, please!
  2. Slow Cooker Thanksgiving Turkey – This will cook on its own and will be easy on stomach.
  3. Turkey in Mushroom Sauce Recipe – If you like a traditional turkey dinner for Thanksgiving, but don’t like all the fuss, this is your trump card.
  4. Thanksgiving Turkey for Two – Not having a gala Thanksgiving party? This recipe can be an awesome Thanksgiving dinner for two.

Other Turkey Dishes

Accidental Turkey Recipe

  1. Herbed Turkey Breast – This recipe will Put 1950s Housewives to Shame – oldie but goodie!
  2. Veggie Stuffed Turkey Breast – Turkey and veggies make the perfect combo for a Thanksgiving main course.
  3. Turkey Cutlet – For those who do not want to have the entire bird. Dig in!
  4. Turkey Wings – What is a bird without its wings? Try these awesome wings.
  5. Turkey Tetrazzini – Pasta, cherry-parmesan sauce, mushrooms and turkey! Now you’re talking!
  6. Turkey Dinner Wrap – The best of Thanksgiving rolled into one sandwich. Simple, handy, delicious!
  7. Apple-Braised Turkey Thighs – For A Small Thanksgiving dinner this recipe comes out great. Also great for some cozy meal.
  8. Thanksgiving Meatloaf – Ground turkey meatloaf – a perfect choice for Thanksgiving dinner
  9. Turkey Cordon Bleu Stuffed with Ham, Roasted Green Chiles and Brie – Sounds delicious, looks awesome, tastes heavenly!
  10. Accidental Turkey – Interesting title for a wonderful dish. Trust me, there’s nothing accidental about its taste.
  11. Turkey Roulade – This takes you on a roller coaster ride of flavors. A tried and tested crowd pleaser
  12. Bacon-Wrapped Turkey Roulade – Yeah, bacon wrapped turkey roulade- gotta have’em all!
  13. Turkey Drumsticks – Simple pleasure you’ll be thankful to indulge into!
  14. Jamaican Jerk Turkey – Everyone knows it, loves it and it’s great for entertaining a small crowd too!

Turkey Recipes for Weight Watchers

For those who are suffering from weight issues can now binge in without feeling guilty with these weight loss or diet turkey recipes.

  1. Roasted Turkey Breast Recipe from Biggest Looser – Lose weight this Thanksgiving – that’s a lot to be thankful for.
  2. Lean Turkey Breast Cutlets – Serve them hot, and guess what… there’s no leftover!
  3. Turkey Waldorf Salad – Apple, turkey, celery, nuts, cranberry and salt – 6 ingredients to success!

Gluten Free Turkey

Gluten Free Oven-Roasted Turkey Breast recipe

Need gluten-free turkey recipes for Thanksgiving? Here are 10 mouthwatering recipes that will take the Thanksgiving table by storm. And most of these dishes are also free from allergens like corn, tomato, dairy etc.

  1. Maple-Bacon Glazed Turkey – Turkey wrapped in bacon and glazed with maple syrup? A dream comes true to the foodies allergic to gluten.
  2. Crockpot Turkey Breast with Gluten-Free and South Beach Diet Friendly Gravy – Allergen free diet food that doesn’t taste like one.
  3. Turkey Meatloaf – This recipe is gluten/dairy/soy/corn/egg/tomato free! Awesome taste sans allergies!
  4. Oven-Roasted Turkey Breast – This recipe is modified to be gluten- and dairy- and soy- and corn-free.
  5. Mini “Martha Stewart” Meatloaves – Make a batch, invite friends, enjoy over gossip and drinks.
  6. Orange-Glazed Roast Turkey with Gluten Free Cranberry-Orange Stuffing – Betty Crocker recipe… sure to be good!
  7. Gluten-Free Roast Turkey Breast and Avocado Cream – A simple dish for the simple pleasures in life.
  8. Fajita Turkey Burgers {Gluten Free} – it’s a must for those who want ground turkey on Thanksgiving plate.
  9. Juicy and Flavorful Turkey With Gravy – its gluten and dairy free- but tastes very traditional.
  10. Cajun Turkey Pot Pie – Prepared with gluten free all purpose flour, this dish can be a Thanksgiving tradition in your family.

And the Bonus!

Bikini Tanned Turkey! – This just looks hilarious. Want to say a special thanks to your spouse (no we’re not talking about some bedroom treat, although this naughty bird can indicate that you’re in mood for some!)? Perfect for a private, one-on-one Thanksgiving!

So, which of these recipes are you going to try this Thanksgiving? Keep us posted.

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