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Travel Experts Survey – What Makes A Travel Writer (INFOGRAPHICS)

Travel Experts Survey – What Makes A Travel Writer (INFOGRAPHICS)

Travel writers are an intriguing bunch.  Somehow they’ve managed to transform their lives into permanent vacations, and their permanent vacations into paychecks.  The more fun they have, the better stories they have to tell, and the more money they eventually make – these people have it figured out!

But how do they do it?  And more importantly, how can I do it?  To answer these questions, Hotel Club conducted a survey of some of the best travel writers in the business.  They asked for all the juicy trade secrets, and inquired into every aspect of the work, from the best destinations to top tips for mastering social media.  What they found is that travel writers depend upon a combination of technology, networking, online know-how, and good old fashioned persistence.  It turns out knowing how to navigate the Internet is nearly as important as knowing how to navigate the globe.

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Check out the infographic below for insights into how @Paul_Steele, @TravelEditor, and @DaveDTC become the three most ‘Followed’ traveling tweeters on the planet.  You’ll also learn where (and how often) hundreds of other successful travel writers prefer to do their blogging, social networking, bargain hunting, and more.  You’ll even learn a thing or two about the tech tools that make this dream job possible.

What Makes A Travel Writer

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