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Put Social Media to Drive When Looking for Auto Insurance

Put Social Media to Drive When Looking for Auto Insurance

As more and more companies turn to social media to promote their products and services, consumers stand to benefit from such efforts.

If you are a consumer looking to save money on your auto insurance needs, visiting insurers’ on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other such sites could mean more money in your wallet or purse.

According to a report from Novarica, more than 70 percent of insurance companies that sell insurance via independent agents also utilize LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook in their communication efforts with the agents. In turn, the driver can reach out to both the insurer and the agent via social media for answers to their insurance questions.

With social media gaining more attention from businesses, consumers can look for not only specials, but to see how companies engage the public, along with treat customer service matters.

Novarica Social Media Strategies 2012

Whether shopping for auto insurance for the first time or looking to change your current company, keep the following in mind when using social media:

Product hunt

Visiting auto insurer social media sites is a great way for the driver to see what new insurance products are out there. It is not uncommon for auto insurance companies to turn to social networks to announce new products, savings that drivers could be missing out and more. For example, many drivers either are not aware or forget that having all their insurance products (home, life, auto etc.) with the same insurer can save them money;


Drivers can get a good feel for an auto insurer by seeing how they engage with other drivers on social media. Do they post to their Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites on a regular basis? Do they post relevant links to auto insurance industry articles, studies, etc. that can help drivers save money? Are they respectful in their comments to other drivers?

You can get a good feel for a particular agent or agency by seeing what they are doing on Social Media.

Speed it up

Another advantage for the use of social media when shopping for auto insurance is an instant conversation with the company and/or agent. Whether through direct messaging or live chats, drivers can get answers to their questions typically much quicker than using the phone or email;

Easier to understand

Some insurance terminology can be difficult to understand, hence using social media is a good means by which to clear things up. Given the fact that many younger drivers are engaged in social media on a daily basis, they can find answers to first-time auto insurance questions through social media contact with insurance companies and agents.

As a result, it behooves auto insurers to be socially active, allowing them more opportunities to direct selling online;

Use social media wisely

Lastly, with all the benefits that social media can provide to auto insurance customers, it is important to remember that many eyes can be watching your each and every move. For example, if you recently filed an auto insurance claim for an accident and reported suffering a broken leg, do not then go on Facebook or Twitter and post a photo or blurb about you going hiking the following weekend.

More insurance claim specialists are using social media to track such information, leading to more claims denial and in some cases, reporting fraud cases to authorities.

In this day and age of social media, are you driven to find a better auto insurance deal for you or your family?

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