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Time to Go BlackBerry Picking

Time to Go BlackBerry Picking

The BlackBerry Curve (pictured) is one of those few things in life which, when it comes along fits in with a lifestyle. No matter if you’re always on the go and have a business to run, or your love of life is infectious and your leisure time is all it can be, a BlackBerry is a lifestyle choice. And once you have made the choice there is, in the words of the adventurer, no going back.

BlackBerry cell phone success

The mark of any consumer product is how successful it is and BlackBerry is successful. Since the first of the (now) range of BlackBerry handsets first hit the market in 1999, its success was assured. In its first incarnation it was little more than a paging device. It was the introduction of the first of the Smartphones for which BlackBerry can lay claim. Users were able to send genuine emails across the World Wide Web and the BlackBerry became synonymous with the businessman.

Email, faxing and browsing

The latest of the perfectly formed BlackBerry handsets are email enabled of course, but they are more than a cell phone. BlackBerry was the first handheld device which inclusive of text messaging, also supported web browsing and other information services available over wireless networks. If we look at the email services which BlackBerry offers to subscribers, many other manufacturers use the BlackBerry email service and hook on to the BlackBerry network for sending and receiving.

The latest BlackBerry handsets

The latest additions to the BlackBerry cell phones range are absolutely stunning in design, but have lost nothing in functionality. Completely practical with all the elements of a Smartphone we have come to expect, these beautifully formed handsets wouldn’t look out of place in a gallery of art.
With the imminent mass roll out of 4G, the latest incarnation of mobile communications and data networks, the BlackBerry family of handsets is well placed to take full advantage. Companies such as T-Mobile sell hundreds of thousands of combined BlackBerry phone/tariff deals every year for consumers and business users alike, such is the versatility of the BlackBerry marque.

The BlackBerry Curve and Bold, two of the latest designs in the collection of handsets is typically BlackBerry, yet each has different features. Depending on your lifestyle or work BlackBerry has a handset which fits like a hand in a glove. Network and Wi-Fi interactive if you’re out of range of a cell transmitter mast you can connect directly to any local Wi-Fi hot spot and keep in touch.

Get the deal to suit your lifestyle

Currently there are some neat deals to be had so there is no real reason why you should be without one of these iconic, sleek handsets. Pay as You Go or contract, the tariffs available are again designed to fit your lifestyle. Whether you are tweeting on Twitter, updating your Facebook page or keeping in touch with colleagues, the BlackBerry does it all. Wherever you go and whatever you do, the BlackBerry handsets will keep you in touch whatever situation arises.

The world is changing and BlackBerry handsets are evolving, keeping pace with consumer trends and offering the very best in technology and style.

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