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7 Reasons Why Seo Marketing Killed Paper Directories (INFOGRAPHICS)

7 Reasons Why Seo Marketing Killed Paper Directories (INFOGRAPHICS)

When search engine optimization (SEO) burst heroically on to the scene in the mid-1990s, people wrote it off as a fad that would quickly wane. Over the years, instead of fading away, SEO has gained steam and is now the preferred method of marketing for many. Yes, it is tough to admit, however paper directories are probably on their last legs and waving the white flag, well they are according to a recent infographic created by Scotland’s Infaweb. They believe rightfully or wrongfully that SEO marketing offers seven benefits paper directories just can’t compete with.

Advertising in Many Places

Advertising is one of the key elements in running a business or blog. Without it, your business will not survive and your blog will disappear into the void. Unlike paper directories, where advertising is limited, SEO offers several channels for you to reach your audience. You can use organic results, social media, pay per click (PPC), images, video, podcasts and a myriad of other online platforms to deliver your message.

Access to a Global Audience

In the age of the global economy, customers and site visitors come from all over the world. When your advertising fails to tap into markets across the globe, you miss out on valuable opportunities to build an audience. Search engine optimization keeps pace with the changing times. If your site is optimized correctly, the world can find you via search engines like Bing, Google and Yahoo.


Nowadays, life moves a mile a minute. People rarely have time to catch their breath, let alone sit down and thumb through a directory trying to find information. If you need information on multiple things, you often have to search more than one directory. This is a time consuming nuisance you can do without. There is no need to clutter you space with bulky paper directories. Search engine optimization helps you to access relevant information whenever, wherever you want.

There are billions of pages of content for you to choose from, so you are likely to find exactly what you need. If you are on the go and you need information, there is no reason to run home to dust off those old directories. Just whip out your trusty laptop or Smartphone to get all the data you need.

Lightning Speed Information

If you are looking for a fast way to access information, you are not going to find it by using an outdated directory. Trying to find what you are looking for in a paper directory can take forever. Even worse, after all that searching, there is no guarantee you’ll even find what you need. Conversely, it only takes a few seconds to pull up thousands of results on the Internet. A few keystrokes and you’re done. Try doing that with a paper directory! You can see why Internet marketing is a much faster way to build an audience and tap into new markets.

Analytics Capabilities

When you market in paper directories, there is no way to tell how many people read your advertisement. There is also no way to determine what actions readers take after they stumble upon your information. When you use these directories, you are basically using scattershot tactics.

Analytics allows you to tap into data and track your marketing efforts. In a nutshell, analytics allows you to see:

  • If your advertising methods grab attention…..
  • If your strategies are effective…..
  • How long visitors stay on your site…..
  • Your conversion rate…..
  • Where your visitors come from…..
  • How many times visitors come back…..
  • How many visits you get daily, monthly or yearly…..

Being privy to this kind of information enables you to accurately calculate your return on investment and lets you make tweaks to your marketing techniques when the old ones no longer yield results.


The Internet offers some serious flexibility. It allows you to change things on a whim and seamlessly connect blogs, websites and social media. Paper directories can’t do this. Once they are printed out, that’s it. You have to wait until the next edition to make changes.

Frequent Updates

At best, paper directories only get updated once a month, so they are filled with stale, archaic information. The Internet is a whole different story. You can update advertisements, articles, podcasts and videos as often as you’d like. This means your readers have an endless supply of fresh, up-to-date content to keep them engaged.

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Seo Marketing Killed Paper Directories

This infographic was brought to you by Edinburgh’s Infaweb, an inbound marketing agency based in Scotland.

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