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Why You Don’t Need to Spend All Your Time on Social Networks

Why You Don’t Need to Spend All Your Time on Social Networks

A Nielsen survey recently came out that we are spending way too much time on social networks. Most of that time is on Facebook, Pinterest a close second, and our beloved Twitter not too far behind.

And if you are any type of business owner, blogger, or even an Etsy shop owner, this must mean that you need to be online just as much too, right? If you want to be where the customers are, well they are online.

Well, not necessarily. Your customers and readers may be online, but that doesn’t mean you have to be there 24/7, too.  Just a few simple tasks each day devoted to your social networks can increase your following and presence on your social networks while having just as big of an impact. (Of course, this won’t mean you suddenly won’t want to spend a lot of time on these sites, but one step at a time.)

Time Spent on Social Networking Sites

Source: Nielsen – The percentage of time Americans spent on social networking sites rose 37 percent to 121 billion minutes in the last year.

Schedule your tweets and status updates

Using services such as Hootsuite means you can send out a message to many of your social networking services and schedule them in advance. While you may irritate the select few who follow you across all of your networks, you will more likely not experience this problem, as more than likely total strangers are following you on Twitter and the people you know are on Facebook.

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Pin Your Blog Posts Images…and Share Them on Facebook and Twitter

When you pin an image from a blog post or pin a product or deal image that just came out, you not only can share them with your Pinterest followers, but also send out the message on Facebook and Twitter. Not only is this a way of multi-tasking your messages, you are also drawing in the followers you have on these other two sites to your Pinterest account (which can only result in more Pinterest followers).

Truth: Not all of your Facebook page status updates are read by everyone.

First of all, unless you are paying for Facebook to send your message across the feed of all of your fans, than more likely your message isn’t being read by everyone. Facebook has implemented an algorithm that makes it so the message is only read by certain individuals. While you want to make your latest blog post, coupon codes, and product release news available to all your customers and followers, use Hootsuite to schedule these releases, and move on.

Use Triberr to promote your blog posts.


If you haven’t heard of Triberr, you need to learn. Triberr is the latest and greatest of promotional tool and the only catch is you have to return the share love. And now is a wonderful time to start that blog for your business that you’ve been meaning to start, too, by the way. Sign up, link up your blog’s RSS feed, join a few tribes, and let the sharing commence. While most people share through Twitter, a lot of people have signed up via LinkedIn and Facebook to promote through those alternate networks.

So, while you probably do spend about 12 hours a day on your social networks, these simple tips are a way for you to cut back on your time and while still maintaining an effective presence online.

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