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SociableBlog Job Posting Discount Packages – SAVE 50%

SociableBlog Job Posting Discount Packages – SAVE 50%

Save Money when you post multiple jobs with SociableBlog Job Posting Package. Employers with more than one position to post can take advantage of these volume discounts.

What Discounts does SociableBlog offer to Employers?

SociableBlog would like to reward employers who post 5 or more jobs throughout the year on SociableBlog’s Job Board.

SociableBlog offers 4 levels of discount pricing for multiple jobs through job packages*:

Number of Jobs
Discount (%)
5 – 9
10 – 19
20 – 29
30+ Jobs

A Quick Perspective

Number of Jobs
(Can be anything 5+)
Normal Price
($50 * #)
Discount Price
5 20 250.00 200.00 50.00
6 20 300.00 240.00 60.00
7 20 350.00 280.00 70.00
8 20 400.00 320.00 80.00
9 20 450.00 360.00 90.00
10 30 500.00 350.00 150.00
11 30 550.00 385.00 165.00
12 30 600.00 420.00 180.00
13 30 650.00 455.00 195.00
14 30 700.00 490.00 210.00
15 30 750.00 525.00 225.00
16 30 800.00 560.00 240.00
17 30 850.00 595.00 255.00
18 30 900.00 630.00 270.00
19 30 950.00 665.00 285.00
20 40 1000.00 600.00 400.00
21 40 1050.00 630.00 420.00
22 40 1100.00 660.00 440.00
23 40 1150.00 690.00 460.00
24 40 1200.00 720.00 480.00
25 40 1250.00 750.00 500.00
26 40 1300.00 780.00 520.00
27 40 1350.00 810.00 540.00
28 40 1400.00 840.60 560.00
29 40 1450.00 870.00 580.00
30 50 1500.00 750.00 750.00

*Jobs must be posted within 6 months of purchase

How do I Buy a Package?

  • Decide how many jobs you’d like to buy for 6 months because once you’ve purchased a package, you cannot “add” to it. New packages must be purchased separately.
  • E-mail[@] with the following: 
    • How many jobs you’d like to package together
    • Your contact name & info
    • Your company name

You will then receive an email with your Package Code (You will enter this package code each time you want to post a job).

How do I use the Package Code?

  • Go to and click on “Post a Job
  • Enter Your Information and the Job Information, Click Next
  • Preview your job, Click Next
  • Enter the code you received from us in the Package Code box, Click APPLY 
    • Make sure you have not entered it into the Discount Code
    • Pay for your package
    • Submit your job!
    • Every time after the initial payment, apply your unique code on the payment page and the payment due will show as $0

Package Code

General Job Posting Questions:

  1. Can I Pay for the Job Package with an Invoice instead of a Credit Card? – No, we only accept payments for job listings and packages via credit card.
  2. If I end up using all my Package’s Job Postings, can I buy more Packages throughout the year? – Yes! You may purchase additional packages at any time but you cannot add them on to an existing package.
  3. What’s the difference between Discount Package job postings and regular job postings? – The postings are the same, you just save money using the Discount Packages!
  4. Why hasn’t my job appeared in the job listings yet? – It usually takes 15-90 minutes for a job posting to appear in the listings. Please check back then.
  5. When do my jobs expire? Can I renew them? – Jobs expire after 30 days.  You will need to repost the job once it expires. We do not offer automatic renewal.
  6. Will my job listings be distributed to other sites? – The job listings you post on this site are also included in the Simply Hired database, free-of-charge. This means they will automatically be available to job seekers on partner sites throughout the Simply Hired Network.
  7. Will my information as the job poster be published anywhere? – No, the “Job Poster Information” section is for record-keeping only. Only the “Apply to” fields are published with the listing, if provided. For more information, please consult this site’s privacy policy and Simply Hired’s privacy policy .
  8. How will the charge appear on my credit card statement? – The charge will appear on your credit card statement as “Job Posting- Jobamatic.” (See “Who is Jobamatic?” below)
  9. Do you accept non-US credit cards? – Yes, we do accept non-US credit cards. If you are having issues with processing your credit card, please contact us.
  10. Will I receive an invoice? – No. Your credit card is charged automatically and you will be provided with a receipt.
  11. Where is my receipt? – After you have submitted your credit card and billing information, the confirmation page will include a copy of your receipt. Please print this page for your records. A copy will also be sent to the email address you provided under the section “Job Poster Information.”
  12. Why didn’t I receive a receipt? – Sometimes receipts end up in your “junk” or “spam” folder. However if it’s not there, feel free to contact us and we would be happy to send you a copy.
  13. What if I misplaced, deleted, or didn’t receive a receipt or confirmation email? – Please contact us. We would be happy to send you a copy.
  14. Can I edit my job listing? – Yes. The confirmation email you received when you posted the job contains an edit link. Just follow the link to edit your listing. After you complete your edit(s), we will show you a preview of the job listing with your edits, but your changes are not saved until you hit the “Save” button on the preview page.
  15. How do I close or delete a job listing? – In the confirmation email you received when you posted the job, you will find a link to close or delete your job listing. Go ahead and follow this link, but please note that if you delete your job early by mistake, it is not recoverable and you will not be refunded any portion of your fee.
  16. I’ve filled my job early. Can I have a refund? – Unfortunately, we do not provide refunds, but congratulations on filling the position!
  17. I didn’t get the applications I was looking for. Can I have a refund? – Unfortunately, we do not provide refunds.
  18. Who is “Jobamatic?” – Job-a-matic is the software that powers this site’s job board. The job search functionality is provided by Simply Hired, whose goal is to make finding your next job or next employee a simple yet enjoyable journey. To learn more, visit us at

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