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The Rapid Expansion of Google Data Centers

The Rapid Expansion of Google Data Centers

Google is home to some of the largest data centers in the world. The vast nature of Google’s storage necessitates the need for large data centers housed all over the world. Google is known for its innovation in all areas of technology, and its data centers are no exception.

Google has data centers all over the world, but some of the largest data centers operated by Google are housed in Council Bluffs, Iowa, The Dalles, Oregon, St. Ghislain, Belgium, Douglas County, Georgia, Lenoir, North Carolina, and Hamina, Finland. Each data center offers unique server and data storage over other company’s data storage facilities. Google prides itself on innovation, and the way they operate their data centers is no different. Some of the innovations inside Google data centers include a warmer operating temperature for the facilities, cooling systems that drip recycled water for unit cooling, reductions in the energy loss through cables and wires, and using locally-found materials to help cut down on resource use.

Although Google has many large data center facilities already, the company is constantly expanding. The more data storage that Google has, the more programs and features they can offer to customers and keep their competitive edge over other companies. Google plans to expand in their Finland and Iowa locations. Google has also purchased a large assortment of land in undisclosed locations around the world that will be home to new Google data centers.

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Over the past 10 years, Google has increased by over 400 percent. Each year, the company expands by 20 percent or more, due to new programs and data storage expansion that they offer to customers. Google is able to house millions of data from sites like g-mail, Youtube, and the Google search engine that started it all. Google is expected to grow by 20 percent each year, unless they unveil a new huge product or service, which will cause the rate of expansion to skyrocket even more.

Google continues to expand for a variety of reasons. The first reason that it wants to keep expanding is so that it always has the data storage for all its current operations and programs. Features like Youtube, Gmail, Blogger, and the Google search engine take up a huge amount of data. A constant rate of expansion helps the company keep up with the programs. Google also hopes to create other markets and programs for users, which will also require additional data use. In addition to these facts, Google also wants to keep a competitive edge over other similar companies, providing more data that the competition.

Until recently, Google refused to release any information about how it ran and organized its data centers. In fact, the only reason that Google has released information about their data centers recently is that they are about to change how they do a lot of things in their data centers. The main reason that Google requires such a high level of secrecy is so they can maintain a competitive edge over other companies. Google uses a lot of innovation in their data centers, and they do not want other companies to take advantage of their personal technology.

By constantly expanding their data centers, Google can keep ahead of competition and continue to offer the highest level of data protection and service to customers. Google will continue to provide the highest amount of data storage possible through new innovations every day.

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