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SEO and Pinterest: How A Social Scrapbook Can Help Your Business

SEO and Pinterest: How A Social Scrapbook Can Help Your Business

For anyone who works on SEO for their own company or does SEO as a profession, it should be apparent by now that Social Media plays a very significant role. Essentially, if you don’t use it, you’re going to lose a lot of value from something that essentially costs nothing. Granted it takes time, and time is money. But when compared to more conventional marketing tactics, it’s the cheapest form hands down.

One of the fastest growing Social Media site is Pinterest, and this article is intended to show how useful it can be when trying to gain exposure for products and branding purposes, both which can eventually lead to solid sales increases if done properly. So without further ado, lets get into the meat of it.

Facts About Pinterest

Pinterest began in December of 2009 and by December of 2011, the site entered the list of top 10 social networks and attracted over 11 million visits per week. Currently it is one of the fastest growing websites in history with over 11 million unique users a month.

The demographics surrounding Pinterst has one common theme, and that is its attraction of women. Women constitute 87% of the total users. The reason for this is that the site originally started as a way for friends to share photos of wedding ideas, and as you can assume, most men did not partake in this.

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The average time users spend on Pinterest is enourmous, with the average time being 1 hour and 17 min. In comparison to other social medias, the average twitter users spends 36 minutes and the average Linkedin user spends only 17 minutes. This is important to note because it’s not as though people are getting on for a specific purpose, but rather to browse or surf. Otherwise they wouldn’t be on as long. This means that users are more likely to view random pins, and thus share them. That is quite frankly the magic behind it, people stay on longer which equates to users sharing more.

How Pinterest It Works

The whole process is surprisingly very simple. You start an account, and create boards for specific categories, such as products, sports, Food, DIY, Humor, Weddings, etc. You then begin to submit quality Pins (which are nothing more than images you own or have found online) to your category pages. When others see these Pins, they can choose to follow you and Repin your Pins, thus allowing their followers to see the same Pin. And so on and so forth. You can imagine how after using the service for a while, and after submitting some interesting Pins, you will begin to gather a following.

To make the importance of this clearer, lets do a little math here in a very basic example. Imagine that you have acquired 100 followers. You post a Pin. 10 of your 100 followers (10%) like the Pin and decide to Repin the image. Each of those 10 who Repined have 50 followers of their own. So of those new 500 people (10×50) exposed to the Pin, 10% of them like it and Repin it. Thus another 50 Repin it, each having 100 followers of their own. So again, another 500 people are exposed with 10% following and/or Repinning which equates to another 50 people Repinning. Please forgive the convoluted nature of that example.

But after 3 trials of Repins, you would have found that your image was viewed around 1,100 times and Repinned 110 times. All based off of your original single Pin. Now this is with the idea that only 10% of those who view your Pin follow you or Repin. That number could be higher if the Pin was of a high quality, or obviously lower as well. This is also assuming each follower only has a limited number of their own followers.

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Essentially the numbers used here are very low, and the reason was to highlight the value Pinterest presents as a social media and a medium for marketing. You can easily see how a successful Pin or two can expose and generate views for a product to a wide audience. This exposure is also never limited in its scope. The only thing keeping something back is the quality of the image. If it’s catchy, there’s a good chance for the image to go viral.

How Can Pinterest Be Used For SEO

The whole idea here is that Pinterest is a visually driven site. So if you have a business that lacks any sort of visual appeal, such as a law firm or financial service provider, there is very little value to be had. Mainly, it is best used for promoting products, and specifically visually striking and attracting products such as clothes, accessories, furniture, cars, art, and the like.

When an image is Pinned to a board, it shows up both on your personal chosen board, but is also posted to your followers boards if they have the same chosen categories. This is the beginning of the journey for any image Pinned. From there it begins to be Repinned and Repinned until its popularity loses traction.

On the image being Pinned, you can add into the profile of the image your company information with chosen and specific keywords. You can also have links pointing to other social media sites you use and even your companies main website. This essentially made for an easy means to promote links other than Guest Blogging, it is also a great way to use infographics as many people will be able to view it.

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You’ll want to be sure to do a few things to make it more SEO friendly however. You’ll first want to ensure that your profile is open to search engines to view. You should fill in your “About” section with all the relevant keywords you wish to target, and add your website URL. Lastly, be sure to set your location to better attract and attain traffic in specific geographic locations.

Hopefully this article will help show those who don’t use all the Social Media options available that there are an ever increasing number of low hanging fruit which can easily be snatched off the vine. All you have to do is reach out. It should also be a reminder that new tools are being created everyday that do not have SEO in mind to begin, but eventually can do a lot to help in that realm. Being an old stodgy type does not help in this industry.

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