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Gaming is Made for Granny (INFOGRAPHIC)

Gaming is Made for Granny (INFOGRAPHIC)

Is your Grandma suddenly talking gibberish? Does she have anxiety and depression when she’s AFB (Away from Keyboard)? Does she have bags under her eyes or suffer from migraine headaches? She could be suffering from an online gaming addiction. Online gaming is growing in popularity among older demographics. Among males age 55-64, the number of online gamers has grown nine percent since 2011. The number of female gamers in the same age group has grown 10 percent in the same time period.

With more than half (53 percent) of seniors connected to the World Wide Web, it’s no surprise that gaming is becoming an increasingly common pastime.

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Gaming has benefits, such as reduced loneliness and depression, increased opportunities for socialization and being an easily accessible pastime for disabled seniors. It can be a means to make new friends and also provides cognitive stimulation to help keep Grandma’s mind sharp.

Learn more about the pros of online gaming for seniors, and find out the signs indicating that your Grandma could be addicted, by checking out the infographic below.

Gaming is Made for Granny

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