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Marketing Tips That’ll Make Your Pinterest Board Sing

Marketing Tips That’ll Make Your Pinterest Board Sing

Pinterest has become one of the hottest ways to promote products with massive brands getting on board in droves. Whether it’s Penguin or Puma, it’s clear that Pinterest is impossible for even the big boys to ignore. But how do you use Pinterest to its best advantage when you’re running a small-medium business or self-employed? Well, here are 8 Pro Tips that’ll really help you utilize the full extent of what Pinterest has to offer.

Don’t be Afraid to Put Text in your own ‘pinned’ Image

If you’re creating your own pinned image then it’s important that you help the viewer understand immediately what that image is about. Occasionally pins get separated from their description, especially if they land on Pinterest’s homepage. Make sure that users can instantly parse meaning and that their interest is captured on that first glance.

Introduce a Healthy mix of the Repin and the Original

The shareability of Pinterest is one of its great strengths but users can sniff out cold self-promotion from a mile away. So whilst you don’t want your board to be derivative – original content provided by your business is key, after all – make sure you populate your boards with repinned material from all over. Keep it interesting, thematic and surprising – that’ll keep your follower count healthy.

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Don’t Forget a Price Tag!

If you include a £ or $ in your pin description, Pinterest will automatically add a price tag to the image – nifty!

Pinterest price tag to the image

Keep your Pin Descriptions Short but Descriptive

In a lot of cases, people also repin the description without changing a thing. So make sure that your message is full of the keywords that make it easily searchable and that it’s punchy but informative. 200-300 is ideal and well within

Edit, Organize, Edit some more

Don’t lump all of your images on one unedited board. You might start with just one, but as your Pinterest habit begins to develop, it’ll need some clarification and organization so that your products and aesthetic are shown off to their best advantage. It’s also smart to make a board where you pin all your own products exclusively though this shouldn’t be your main board, just a handy index for those that want it.

Pinterest Boards

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Only follow the Stuff you’re Truly Interested in

You might follow back everyone in the beginning but as you get more enmeshed in the Pinterest community, it will be important for you to carefully edit who you allow in your stream. If you follow everyone, you’ll never be able to filter out all the noise. An important tip is to follow individual boards rather than their pinner, so that you don’t get flooded with pins you didn’t even want to see!

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Add value for your Pinterest followers by doing Pinterest-only Promotions

This might be pinning a voucher or competition that requires something specific of Pinterest users – a creative repin for example. By engaging your userbase you’re giving them added incentive to keep following you and keep repinning you.

Pinterest Contest

Use the ‘Like’ button as a Bookmark

There’s so much stimuli to get through on Pinterest sometimes there’s not enough time to look at everything. As with the ‘Favorite’ function on Twitter, ‘Like’-ing something saves it to your Likes folder which means you revisit it at your leisure without worrying that it’ll get lost in the endless turnover of awesome. It’s also a subtle way of making initial contact with brands and tastemakers.

So there are some pro-tips to get you started. Pinterest is a world of marketing potential and we’ve barely even begun to scratch the surface. Go forth and pin, pin, pin!

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