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10 Hashtags to Learn More about Nature

10 Hashtags to Learn More about Nature

Social media is many things to many people, ranging from a diary of minutia for some, to a place to connect on an intellectual level for others; no matter what it is used for, however, platforms like Twitter and Instagram do a very good job of connecting like-minded people, even if only for a moment.

Twitter is the most powerful source of news and information. According to Flowers24hours, nature related Tweets usually do really well and result in many retweets and high interaction.

One of the simplest ways for you to find topics and people who interest you is to stay on top of hashtags, and an interest in nature and the science behind it is no exception. From power users who are never far from the social media universe to newbies looking to get in on the action in an earthy way, here are 10 hashtags to learn more about nature on your favorite social platform:

1. #animals

While you may end up seeing the odd “lolcat” while using this hashtag, you’re also going to find ongoing conversation about all of the world’s animals, with a special focus often being given to endangered species.

2. #biodiversity

Another hashtag aimed at modern problems facing us in nature, searching for conversation centered around #biodiversity is a great way to get access to the information you need to better understand what biodiversity is, and how we can protect and encourage it.

3. #climate

The debate about whether humans are causing climate change rages on, but, no matter which side is more right than the other, knowing what climate change is and how it affects the natural state of our planet is crucial, especially as we move toward an uncertain future.

4. #dolphins

One of the most interesting creatures in the sea, and certainly one of the smartest, dolphins offer a unique look at what it is to possess smarts underwater. Over time they have become favorite objects of study, and even friends, as scientists try to learn more about these bright mammals; this hashtag will help to keep you in the loop!

5. #energy

While some may argue that reading the latest news about the energy sector isn’t the same as learning about nature, the two are intrinsically linked. In a modern age that sees us causing mini-earthquakes, drilling ultra-deep wells, and creating huge sinkholes, all in the name of producing more of the oil and natural gas we need to power our societies, understanding how energy is linked to our natural surroundings is more important than ever.

6. #green

If you’re interested in environmental issues facing humanity and the Earth at large, this hashtag is a great way to stay on top of the latest conversation, and thoughts and ideas of others, helping you to be a better citizen of the planet even as you learn more about how that planet works.

7. #nature

Here’s the most obvious addition to our list, serving as a great starting point, or as a way to keep up with news and views on all things natural.

8. #oceans

Covering more than 70 percent of the Earth’s surface, there is nothing more natural about our planet than its oceans and the multitude of life they contain, and this hashtag will open a flood of conversation to your social media life – pun definitely intended!

9. #rainforest

One of the most delicate and fascinating ecosystems on Earth, our rainforests are rapidly disappearing, potentially making right now the only time that you have to learn about their natural beauty.

10. #space

While our focus is generally on the Earth – and with good reason – when it comes to thinking of nature, all things natural don’t end with the thinning of our atmosphere, but rather continue far out into the reaches of space, billions of light years in every direction! Use this hashtag to learn about the nature of up there, and of the planets and other bodies in our own solar neighborhood.

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