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Advanced Twitter Search Operators for Job Search

Advanced Twitter Search Operators for Job Search

By now, it is common knowledge that social media is a powerful marketing tool for businesses in almost every industry, and that companies around the world are eagerly cultivating social networks. But what many still fail to realize is that sites like Twitter and Facebook have also recently become useful tools for jobseekers.

With so many businesses reaching out online, it is easier than ever to connect with companies in your industry, build valuable relationships with prospective employers, and secure jobs that in years past might have been impossible to find. The key is knowing where and how to look.

Twitter offers many little-used shortcuts for narrowing down and focusing your job search. Here’s how to start taking advantage of them today:

Advanced Search Operators

Advanced search operators are coded terms and shortcuts you can add into the search bar to narrow down your results. They can be an enormous asset when you are looking for work in a specific industry. Advanced operators can also help you save a tremendous amount of time and frustration while job searching on Twitter.

Here are a few of the most useful:

What Your Search
What Your Results
“now hiring”
Tweets containing the exact phrase “now hiring
near:London   within:15km
Tweets sent from within a 15km radius of London
jobs since:2012-5-27
Tweets containing the keyword ‘jobs’ sent since March 27th, 2012
“programming experience” ?
Tweets containing the exact phrase “programming experience,” which ask a question. (ie. Anyone out there have programming experience?)
Tweets sent by @nowhiring
job OR career OR position
Tweets containing the keywords ‘job’ or ‘career’ or ‘position’ or all of the above.
hiring source:twitterfeed
Tweets containing the keyword ‘hiring’ posted to the Twitter Feed
careers near:London since:2012-5-28
Tweets containing the keyword ‘careers’ send from London since March 28th, 2012

Hashtags for Finding Employers

As every Twitter user knows, #hashtags are essential to networking and searching on Twitter.  These popular hashtags are the ones most commonly used by employers who are actively seeking job candidates.  While most of them are fairly obvious, they will nonetheless help you focus your search and narrow in on the companies you’re looking for.

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Hashtags to Help Employers Find You

In an ideal world, you can sit back, relax, and wait for the employers to find you.  And while the vast majority of jobseekers can never afford that kind of an optimistic luxury, it certainly doesn’t hurt to make yourself visible to companies hunting for prospective employees.  Many businesses and headhunters, in fact, take advantage of Twitter these days to track down candidates.  So to increase your chances of being ‘discovered,’ start including these frequently searched hashtags in your tweets whenever possible:

#hireme, #MBA, #PhD, #linkedin, #unemployed, #resume. #CV, #needajob, #qualified

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We’ve all heard thousands of times about how important social media is in the business world today.  And while it is quickly becoming a tired old cliché, it’s true.  Considering the fact most of us dedicate considerable amounts of time to cultivating our profiles, there is simply no excuse for failing take advantage of the investment we’ve been making in social networks.

Start using your profile to your advantage, and learn to utilize it to its utmost.  It is not enough to merely be present in the world of social media.  You also need to reach out.  After using these tips to track down leads and make connections, it is time to start actively creating opportunities for yourself.

Ask questions, join the conversation, and don’t hesitate to make your job seeking intentions known. Best of luck!

Thanks to Legal career specialist Matt from Legalweek jobs for sending these search operators. Have you ever used twitters advanced functionality to find what you need?

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  • Using ash tags in the search bar in twitter is far easier and narrows your search down considerable