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Digisocial – Photo Sharing Goes Vocal on iOS

Digisocial – Photo Sharing Goes Vocal on iOS

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but there’s no reason you can’t add just a few more. Meet Digisocial, a new social sharing app from Digisocial, Inc., which offers users some new wrinkles on content-sharing, including the ability to attach audio recordings to their shared photos. Digisocial users can post their photos and offer observations and commentary in their own unique voice – literally – using the audio feature, appropriately named “VoicePhotos.”

Adding a vocal caption to a picture is the obvious use of VoicePhotos, but Digisocial suggests that users are likely to find other unique ways to enhance their content. For example, a fan attending a concert might take a photo of the band on stage, and then attach an audio sample of the live performance. Once created, VoicePhotos can be posted to Facebook, Twitter, or Digisocial’s own social network.

As with any new social network that emerges, the obvious question for potential users is, “Why not just stick with Facebook?” Digisocial co-founder David Guo points out that Facebook users don’t have to leave their existing network in order to use Digisocial’s features – but there’s a very different experience in store for them if they give the new network a try. “I think people are really starting to voice their frustration with certain social platforms that only innovate in order to make more money off the user and increase advertising profit,” he explained in a press release. “We built Digisocial as an alternate to these platforms – an ad-free way for people to ‘share different,’ using all the capabilities of modern smartphones.”

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To that end, Guo promised the Digisocial network would be free from both cost and ads. All features will be available to users without a membership fee, and the platform does not support advertisements, promoted posts, or the sale of content or data to third parties. Digisocial does track some data, but only if users share it voluntarily. In doing so, Guo and Digisocial are aiming to provide their users only with “real content from real people.”

Digisocial also promises the inclusion of several features often demanded by social networkers, such as easier management of one’s sharing groups – VoicePhotos and other content can be made entirely public, or just circulated among a private group of friends. The platform is designed to make the experience quick and simple, and easy to access on mobile devices. Digisocial also claims to be operating from a robust back-end, with a multi-layer server to prevent downtime when traffic gets heavy.

Guo stressed that these technical advances were needed to provide users with genuinely new ways to share their content online. “So many of our day-to-day social interactions are now online – yet, despite the massive popularity and success of social networking, these interactions and conversations still tend to be based on a technology now decades old: texting,” said Guo. The simple addition of audio – voice or otherwise – is intended to give users an avenue towards better expression when basic instant messaging aren’t enough.

Digisocial launches today on the App Store, so it just remains to be seen what users have to say about it – using their voices, probably.

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