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WikiDo – Local Events Search Engine

WikiDo – Local Events Search Engine is a new search engine that first appeared in October. It helps people find local events throughout the United States. Like other wikis, it relies on users to add and edit some of the data. However, it also uses spider software to automatically collect information from other websites. It currently lists over 750,000 events.

WikiDo shows today’s listings when a searcher enters the name of a city. For example, a search for “Boston, MA” returns 315 results. They include parties, classes, concerts and over 100 social events. Among other things, there is a pottery exhibition, an art sale and a Quicksand concert. WikiDo offers details on the time and location of every event.

Users can find things to do in small towns as well. A search for “Winthrop, ME” yields one local event and 163 listings within 100 miles. WikiDo shows the closest events first. The results include an employment workshop, a photography exhibition and a blood drive. There is also a skating event for the kids and family.

WikiDo results come from a variety of sources. National websites like Backpage, CBS Local, Meetup and provide many of the listings. Magazines and radio stations contribute data as well. An event listing may also be supplied by a museum, school, theatre or other local organization. WikiDo users can click links to obtain more information from the original source.

If the results are too broad, WikiDo users can easily refine their searches. The sidebar offers tag and category links. In Boston, the “Church” tag returns 21 events at nearby churches. The “Sports” category contains 22 local sporting events. Some tags and categories provide more relevant listings than others.

WikiDo Events NewYork, NY

Visitors may also refine their searches by using the “What” field or the “When” menu. Users can enter one or more keywords under “What.” A search for “theatre” in New York City yields many relevant listings. The “When” menu enables searchers to look at weekend events or find tomorrow’s listings.

WikiDo delivers results in a directory format as well. To use this feature, click the “Site map” link at the end of any page. The website will display a list of states and territories. Click on a state to see a list of cities and counties that have at least one event. WikiDo provides more event listings for New York than any other state.

This search engine supplies many results for all major U.S. cities. It’s easy to find nightlife, music, food and drink tastings, comedy shows, technology seminars and more. However, the quantity and quality of results for small towns vary significantly. Towns with well-maintained local websites tend to have more listings. WikiDo offers good coverage of arts and religion.

Visitors must log in to add or edit events. WikiDo requires new users to supply their email addresses, names and locations. People can also use Yahoo, Google and Facebook accounts to gain access. Website owners may suggest new event feeds by completing a form.

The WikiDo website generally performs well. As of early 2013, it loads quickly and doesn’t have any advertisements. The design is relatively simple and uncluttered. Each listing features a comment area as well as “Like” and “Edit” buttons. When an existing user returns to the website, WikiDo remembers the last city that he or she checked.

The website does not have a blog or many extra pages. However, users can find more information by reading the search engine’s Twitter page. It offers news on Wikido’s progress and improvements. People can also learn more by visiting the developers’ social media pages.

Although it was established less than four months ago and remains in the beta development stage, WikiDo appears to be making progress. Alexa ranks it as one of the top 750,000 websites. It was recently added to several major directories, such as AppAppeal, FeedMyApp and Findelio. However, it still needs greater publicity to become a top local event website.

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