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5 Web 2.0 Tools for Foodies

5 Web 2.0 Tools for Foodies

Food is one of the greatest pleasure on Earth. I have been in love with cooking for myself and others for years, and with eating for as long as I can remember. My life is dominated with finding new places to eat, trying things I never have before, discovering dishes on my travels, and just enjoying fresh and simple ingredients in delicious meals. You should see my Pinterest boards; I have thousands of food related pins there.

The internet is a real boon for a foodie like me. From new recipes to reviews on local hole-in-the-wall treasures, it keeps the obsessed meal muncher in me happy. Especially these five tools that I have in my most-used bookmarks folder.

1. Favorite Candle

Favorite Candle

Everyone in my family loves to go out to eat, and we do on a semi-regular basis. Birthdays are definitely an excuse to do so, and that is where this tool comes in handy. You put in your zip code and it will bring up all the nearby places that have birthday deals. This could meal a free entree or appetizer, a free dessert, a buy-one-get-one offer, a kids meal with adult purchase, etc. You will be surprised by how many places have these kind of promotions. You don’t even have to sign up for anything at Favorite Candle, though they do have Facebook, Twitter and an email newsletter that are worth a follow.

2. Evernote Food

Evernote Food

Most of you reading this will probably use Evernote already. It is the number one app for keeping track of information and clipping ‘notes’ to view on everything on your mobile, tablet and desktop, all synced for your data on the go. They created a food based app recently that helps you keep memories organized of meals you have had, places you have been, recipes you want to try and anything else you can imagine. It is very handy, and as easy to use as the rest of Evernote.

3. Grub Hub

Grub Hub

Want to know who delivers to your area? Wish you could order from anywhere in a single place without having to search out menus or call in? Now you can order from different restaurants for delivery or pickup, all on this site and without having to make a single phone call. Originally, this was a pretty small site. But it has grown a lot and very quickly, now with restaurants from almost every state in the US. Larger cities have more options, of course, but if you live in a covered area then you should definitely join up.

4. Joyus/Foodzie


Originally, Foodzie was a place similar to Etsy, but for food. People could sell their baked goods and other food items locally, or through a shipping service. It helped to support independent food makers, and to keep items handmade and free of all of the chemicals and preservatives you find in packaged food. Now they have teamed up with Joyus, which has a larger community of high-end food sellers. It is also a video site with some great food related clips.

5. Local Harvest

Local Harvest

Do you want to start shopping local? Maybe you want organic produce that doesn’t get shipped across the country frozen to your local grocery store? Local farms, farmer’s markets and organic sellers are all listed here. Not only do they have produce, but there are also a number of dairy and meat sellers who are all natural, as well. Just put in your zip code or city, and get a list of everything nearby.

Do you have a tool you think is a must-have for the dedicated foodie? Let us know in the comments.

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