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Vine: Fine? Foul? Or Futuristic? You’ve Got 6 Seconds To Tell!

Vine: Fine? Foul? Or Futuristic? You’ve Got 6 Seconds To Tell!

Hurry! You’ve got just 6 seconds to make an impression! Yeah, we’re talking about the new Vine, the video-sharing app from Twitter. The new mobile video sharing service, which allows you to make short looping videos (up to 6 seconds) to share on Twitter and Facebook, and also the Vine network, is the new rage on the web!

Right from its launch on January 24, 2013, Vine’s iOS app is among the top 10 most downloaded free app at the App Store, it has got mixed reviews. Some started telling that this is “Instagram For Video.” According to Tech expert Shelly Palmer, “You can see that because this thing is half social network, half video toy, all kinds of crazy can happen.

But there are some crazy reviews as well. Want to know about them all? Here’re they in a nutshell:

Things Get a Li’l Porn-y : A search for hashtags “#porn” and “#nsfw” will give you thousands of heady shots of porn to choose from.

Thumbs Down from Facebook : Facebook has blocked the app from being able to find user’s Facebook friends on the Vine.

Bugs in Vine-yard : Early versions of the application have bugs which led to some epic Vine fails. Don’t just take our word for that, search for “Vine failed” on Twitter.

Doppelgangers Ahead : Vine has an issue regarding duplicate usernames, just like Facebook. At present on the back-end, Vine’s system identifies each user by a number. So, you can technically be “Lady Gaga” on the front-end.

Privacy Settings? Oh shut up, b****! : And here comes the bummer of all bummers!!! As soon as you post your video to Vine, you lose all control over who views it or interacts with it. At present it’s not possible to create a private Vine account, you see!

“Profiles and videos on Vine are public, and anyone on the service can view them. If you use Vine to create a video and you choose not to share it on Vine, the video will be accessible only through the Camera Roll on your device. We will add more ways for you to control the visibility of your content in a future version of Vine.” Source: Vine Help

But on the brighter side, here’s what you need to know about Vine –

Vine App

Say It In Six Seconds : Just the time needed to say sorry, thank you and I love you. Also everyday funny moments become a li’l stretched when they cross that 6 sec mark, don’t they?

It’s Free : You can download this app free from the app store. At present Vine is launched in iOS platform only.

Developers Got A New Creative Canvas : Developers are doing fun experiments with Vine posts. Just Vined features 20 of the most recent clips published while Vinepeek shows you the world’s newest Vine in real-time.

Business Applications : Businesses are already using it to post jobs, product demos and give house and hotel tours. It’s just the perfect tool for a simple, low-budget business promotion.

Vineit : Vineit is a tool that allows you to share videos from Twitter’s video sharing service Vine on Tumblr.

All in all, we’d like to add, that it’s too early to comment on Vine. Just like any other social media app, this too has its loopholes and only by correcting those, Vine can become one of the most sought-after social media app. So, what Vine has in store for us – an intoxicating experience or an insignificant addition to our already exhaustive social media app list? Only time has the answer.

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