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3 Ways To Make Facebook Graph Search Work For You

3 Ways To Make Facebook Graph Search Work For You

It may not be available to everybody just yet but recently Facebook announced the launch of something that is set to change the way businesses can carry out PR and marketing in their local area. Facebook graph search will allow users to search for people, places and businesses around them that other users have recommended and have a good rating and so optimizing your local business for this new search could result in a big increase in sales.

Although some people have questioned whether this new tool has the potential for misuse and will violate people’s privacy rights, Facebook say that profile privacy settings will still be respected. Therefore this new type of search is sure to become a popular way for users to find the businesses they are looking for and so making it work for you is a must.

#1  You’ve Got To Be In It To Win It

For a long time now businesses have been told that they need to be on social network sites in order to take advantage of the ability to reach a wide audience but that is now more important than ever.

Unlike other search engines such as Google and Bing that display results from all over the internet, Facebook’s graph search will only show results from inside Facebook. Therefore if you do not have a business page set up you are not going to be found.

Young people are going to be persuaded more by a search engine that takes into account the preferences of the people they know and in order to take advantage of this, you need to get your business on Facebook today.

#2  Don’t Scrimp On The Details

Once you have a page up and running, it is important that you fill it with all the relevant information that users will need and keep this up to date. If the search results display your business’ page and people are going to be using these results to use your services, the information on them needs to be correct.

Including details of any current promotions that you are running or general news that will be of interest to your audience will help to capture their attention and mean they are more likely to click on your page.

Facebook Graph Search - People Search

Facebook Graph Search - Photo Search

#3  Drive Likes And Check-ins

When we talk about social media and search engine optimization, things such as keywords and anchor text are used a lot as they act as indicators to the search engines. However, with this new graph search there are different things to take into account.

The search engine will be able to understand specific phrases and so users will be able to search for thing such as ‘fast food restaurants that my friends go to’ or ‘marketing companies that my friends like’. This means that things such as ‘likes’ and ‘check-ins’ will become indicators to the engines.

To take full advantage of this you need to help drive these within your business. Encourage people to check-in when they are on your premises and to like your page by offering different promotions should they do this. Just by gaining a like from one person, you could be influencing their whole community of friends so it is important to reach out to as many people as possible.

I have no doubt that Facebook graph search is set to take off and if businesses want to continue to expand their audience then they should look at making it work for them. If you are still reluctant to dive into the world of social media, there are plenty of technology PR agencies and social media management companies that will be willing to help.

About The Author

Chris Mayhew works for Eclat Marketing and is blogging here about social media, which he is passionate about. Eclat work with their clients to create effective PR campaigns that include social media in order to increase a company’s exposure.