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50 Pinteresting Valentine’s Day Gift Idea for Him

50 Pinteresting Valentine’s Day Gift Idea for Him

When it comes to Valentine’s Day gifts, girls find it a little tricky to pick the perfect gift for the special man in her life. Of course, buying him his favorite suit, car or some OTT item are the best option, but not everyone is an heiress out there. (c’mon! we have our salon bills to pay… and utility bills, rent and all other expenses).

So, here are some handy gift ideas for him for Valentine’s Day categorized according to the taste of your man. Have a look –

Classy – For Men of Class

Wet Shave Soap in Whiskey and Tobacco

  1. Garage Plaque – Nostalgic, individually sand-cast plaque is personalized with raised silver-color lettering to tell the world who the gear-head is!
  2. Dream Chair Lounger – Who will not fall for this?
  3. Silver One Ring – A ring fit for the lord and king of hearts. It’s laser engraved, sleek and sexy, by the way. It’s perfect for book and movie lover.
  4. Old-Fashioned Wet Shave Soap in Whiskey and Tobacco – Pure male fragrance that will arouse you.

Naughty – Light up the Fire

Love Dice

  1. XOXO Boxers – A boxer that delivers hugs and kisses.
  2. Fun Boxer – Tons of love boxers. He’ll definitely give you some.
  3. Love Dice – Possibilities, oh my!
  4. In The Mood Cushion – Give him the hint with it. He’ll surely take the cue.
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Tech Savvy – For the Tech Enthusiast

Projector Attachment for iPhone

  1. Wood iPad Holder – Perfect for the techie geek in your life. Caution! This can make him glued to his iPad. But at least his hands will be free to hold you.
  2. Projector Attachment for iPhone – A practical gift for a busy corporate guy.
  3. Filofax A5 Flex iPad Cover – Made of leather, this cover will protect his iPad and show him that you care for his gadgets.
  4. Mercedes Benz USB Drive – This stylish gear will win him over – smooth and fast!
  5. Gorillatorch Flexible Tripod Flashlight – Any photography enthusiast will appreciate it and click loads of memories with you. Show that you appreciate his creative bent of mind.
  6.  Heart-shaped USB Flash Drive – This accessory looks great everywhere. He’ll love it.

Practical – For a No-Fuss Man

Traveling Essential Kit

  1. The MAN cookbook -Put his/kids’ favorite recipes in one convenient location for him for when you are away! DIY
  2. Traveling Essential Kit– Everything from grooming essentials to shoe polish in a bag –this is so cool!
  3. Utility Knife – Practical and handy, the best gift for guys.
  4. Travel Tie Case – You can keep up to 6 ties & cufflinks. Neat!

Fun – Tickle His Funny Bone

Gun Soap

  1. Car Mouse – Car enthusiasts will love these replica automobiles that work as fully functional computer mice.
  2. Gun Soap – This gun-shaped soap can let him play the cop in the shower.
  3. Wine Glass Holder Necklace
  4. Whiskey lover’s set – Keeps his drink cold without watering it down.
  5. Fart Alarm – Couples that have been together a long time can laugh about their short coming

Cute – Sweet and Adorable

Couple Pillow

  1. Personalized rubric cube – Personalize it with your couple photograph and get him puzzled.
  2. Foam Cup Holder for can – Get him always ready for the “Red Cup Par-Tay”!
  3. Trophy Husband T-Shirt – Are you a lucky gal? Say it with this tee.
  4. Couple Pillow – This “Say I Love You” couple pillow is sure to win his heart and he’ll keep saying those 3 magic words!
  5. Love vision chart – Test his eye for love.
  6. Always Kiss Me Goodnight Pillow – Awwww. It’s a onetime gift for him and a lifetime gift for you.
  7. Stud Hanger for him – Is he a stud? Say it with this stylish cloth hanger.
  8. Hidden Message Tie Clip – He will love this classy yet cute gift that is manly enough.

Edible Gift – For the Way to a Man’s Heart Is Through His Stomach

Hot Stuff Food Bucket

  1. The man bouquet – It includes various bottles of alcohol, cigars, jerky, duck tape, scratch-offs. It’s the ultimate gift for the man in your life.
  2. Hot Stuff Food Bucket– Peanuts, sauces, and pub mix, perfect drink combo for the hotbod.
  3. Wine Rack – This stylish wine rack will serve both as a wine holder and conversation piece.
  4. Edible Goodies Basket– A basket of coffee and creamers, various snacks, wine/cheese, gourmet pasta, spices, etc.
  5. Bacon Roses – They look good, they smell awesome and taste even better.
  6. U-Da-Man chocolate candy bar – Tell him he is the man in your life in a sweet note.
  7. Large Valentines Mixed Chocolate Heart Box– Heart-melting effect guaranteed!
  8. Beer Belt– Can contain up to 6 cans. Perfect for a long drive.
  9. Chocolate Heart Cupcake With Vanilla Cream Cheese Frosting – Mmmmmm… delicious!

DIY- Made with Love

Love Vouchers

  1. Cute Gift Tag – A DIY gift tag that will pull him closer.
  2. Origami Valentine – A quick DIY gift for the men who forgot what date it is today.
  3. 52 Reasons Why I Love you– It’s a DIY Project for the card players. He’ll surely love this card book.
  4. DIY Candy-Gram – How cute and sweet can you get! This is golden!
  5. Love Vouchers – From classy to kinky, let your imagination run wild. This can also be a DIY project.

Hobby Basket – For the Man with a Passion

Movie Night Basket

  1. Book Gift Basket – It contains a bestseller, bookmark and something to nibble.
  2. Fishing Gift Basket – If your man loves fishing he will appreciate such a thoughtful holiday gift.
  3. Golf Gift Basket – A perfect gift to help him aim for the hole ;)
  4. Movie Night Basket – Plan a movie night in with movies you both love. Popcorn and other snacks included.
  5. Poker Night Gift Basket– A perfect gift for poker lovers, he’ll love them.

So, what am I getting for my man? I sure want the One Ring for him but pampering him with a cake or a movie basket does not seem like a bad idea to me.

Did you like these gift ideas to pamper the man in your life? Do let us know in the comment section. Like to add some more? Share with us.

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  • beer gift baskets for men

    Sympathy Baskets can also include fine wines, biscuits, crackers, popcorn and chocolates. These are great for offering comfort and solace when they are needed most.