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Piktochart – Creating Infographic in 30 Minutes

Piktochart – Creating Infographic in 30 Minutes

There’s nothing more boring than endless rows of figures and tables of data. The same data but presented in the form of charts and diagrams look much more attractive. And finally, the same figures presented in the form of infographic then they may arouse interest and cause intense debates. This fact has already been used by mass media for quite some time and it lets them to deliver the information to users in a simple and understandable form.

Many people may think that in order to create infographic they need some help from the experts in the sphere of graphics. This is partially true, because if you want to create a unique background picture for your infographics or add some uniqueness to it, you’ll definitely need some help from aside. But if you want to illustrate your article or create regular infographic and emphasize its content, then you can do it yourself. The only things you need are the idea and statistic data you’ll use while creating it. The rest of the work can easily be done with the help of Piktochart.

As I have mentioned in the title, we have 30 minutes for creating our infographic. So let’s get started.

Registration (3 Minutes)

Piktochart service offers you the possibility of free use and several paid offers. If you need to create only 1-2 projects then you may use free account. But if you’re planning to take up infographic seriously and create new charts constantly then it’s sensible to think about buying a pro account which has some additional useful features.

Choose a template for your infographic (3 Minutes)

There’re only 6 templates available for a free account so the choice won’t take a lot of your time. Nevertheless, due to a number of additional settings you may change any template in such a way that it won’t even look like a pre-installed one.

Piktochart Themes

Mastering the main functions (10 Minutes)

It will be easy to understand the ways of editing of the selected template. Choose the necessary element by clicking on it, and after that you may drag it to another place, resize it or even delete. Below you’ll see the panel with the features of the selected element. Here you may change color, font size, opacity, the layers order, etc.

Fill in our data (10 Minutes)

Well, it goes without saying that this stage will take 10 minutes on condition that all information is already prepared and the virtual image of a future infographic is present in your mind. For realizing your ideas you’re offered a wide range of icons, backgrounds, images, etc. If it’s not enough for you, you can upload your own decoration elements. Also pay special attention to a special tool for creating charts and tables (you’ll certainly need these in your infographic). It’s situated in the Tools section.

Publication (4 Minutes)

When your infographic finally looks like something you’ve imagined, it’s high time to share it with your readers. In order to do that press Export button and you get an option of saving it in the form of a picture on your computer or immediately post it to popular social services. You may also get html code for implementing the infographic into your site or blog.

That’s it – your infographic is created and published and users already begin to like and share it. Surely, all the described above depends on the difficulty level of your task and your experience. But in general it’s easy to create an infographic with the help of Piktochart.

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