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Run Farther and Faster With Your Android Phone

Run Farther and Faster With Your Android Phone

Every runner is different and needs a different app. Sometimes you need to record how you’ve done, sometimes you need a new goal or a new route, and sometimes you need a zombie chasing you to raise your running speed. That is the beauty of running apps like Zombies, Run! and Endomondo. One app keeps track of speed and heart rate, and the other makes you run really, really fast. Both apps motivate you and keep track of your progress. Of course, there are plenty of other running apps as well. Here are the benefits of seven apps that will get you moving farther and faster:

1. Musical Motivation with Keep Running

Keep Running Android App

The Keep Running app alerts you when you fall below your goal speed by shutting off your music. As soon as you pick up speed again, your music will turn on automatically. You set the goal, so you have the control of how fast you want to go. The Keep Running app, however, enforces your goal for you! You also control the playlist, which means you will love every song and gladly speed up to get your music back.

2. Training Guides with Runtastic

Runtastic Android App

When you want to reach a goal but aren’t sure how to train for it, turn to the runtastic app for a variety of training plans. Choose a training guide for a 5K, half-marathon, marathon, or other goal. Their database of training guides will help you get the exercise, strength and endurance you need to make it to the finish line. Graphs and colored traces help you keep track of your progress. The colored traces show changes in speed while graphs compare altitude, speed, and heart rate from different runs. So you can see how well you run at every mile and on every terrain.

3. Versatile Workouts with CardioTrainer

CardioTrainer Pro Android App

CardioTrainer is another great training tool for many sports. By scheduling workout sessions with alerts and alarms, you can get the accountability you need to succeed in your goals. This app is also perfect for the versatile athlete. Not only can you schedule, record, and review running and jogging, you can also log time with yoga, weightlifting, or any other sport. The incredibly accurate pedometer and GPS, however, ensure that you get accurate times and data for every run as well. The GPS is so precise, it can even tell when you’ve run from one side of the street to the other.

4. “Scare Tactic” Motivation with Zombies, Run!

Zombies Run Android App

Nothing gets you moving like hoards of brain-hungry monsters chasing you. That’s the theory behind the Zombies, Run! app, anyway. This great mix between online game and exercise tool works as an interactive running game, requiring you to outrun zombies and complete running missions. You choose your custom playlist, and the app will offer commands and missions in between tracks. Once you return from your run, you can continue to fight zombies online; use the supplies you collect as you run to build up your base, provide medicine, and more.

Because it works at a walk, jog, or run, this game is perfect for both beginner and experienced runners. For the running newbie, the Zombies, Run! 5K Training app teaches beginners how to run with a thrilling eight-week mission. The 25 workouts include training on how to stretch, jog, and run. Of course, there are plenty of missions to complete and Zombies to outrun.

5. Weight Loss Plan with Noom Weight Loss Coach

For those who run to get in shape, CardioTrainer’s sister app, Noom Weight Loss Coach, works with the same scheduling and workout tools you see on CardioTrainer. But it also adds in a personalized weight loss guide with daily tasks, reminders, and rewards. The app has helped users lose a collective 20 million pounds, and 86% of users have successfully lost weight. Various levels and points offer extra motivation to get moving and eat well.

6. The Runner’s Notebook with Endomondo

Endomondo Sports Tracker Android App

One of the most popular running apps for phones with T-Mobile no contract plans, Endomondo keeps track of everything from duration to heart rate. View your speed, time, and heart rate for today’s run, yesterday’s run, or last week’s run as the app keeps track of and can compare every workout. You can even break down a workout by mile or kilometer to see how your heart rate or speed changed the farther you went. You can also rely on more accurate data with the Endomondo app as well. The app automatically pauses when you aren’t moving, so you won’t distort your time when waiting for a red light or adjusting your shoes.

The Endomondo app also adds in plenty of planning and motivational tools. Discover new routes with route suggestions and an in-app map, or see what routes your friends have been running. You can set a distance goal and have the audio coach encourage you as you run, or you can race against a friend’s time with the audio coach helping you. You can even race on an app-recognized route to see if you can beat another user’s best time.

7. Competition Motivation with Softrace

Softrace Android App

If you love the competitive element of Endomondo, the Softrace app may appeal to you as well. Softrace helps you find routes and time your runs, but its unique feature is its challenge or race mode. These modes create a social competition among friends or users who live in the same area. See if you can beat your friends’ time, or try to top your own run from yesterday. If you are competitive and want to get in shape, this is a great app.

Whether you like the simple motivation of the Keep Running app or the variety of options with Endomondo, there is bound to be an app that helps you reach new running levels. What running apps do you love?

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