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GroupDocs Vs Docstar : SaaS-based Document Management Solutions

GroupDocs Vs Docstar : SaaS-based Document Management Solutions

Documents are lifeblood of any business and one of the bottle-necks in getting work done is the extensive use of old-fashioned paperwork in many organizations. Workflows become longer as well as complex with the passage of time and it becomes harder to track down documents in archives. As many organizations don’t have well-defined document management solutions implemented, processes and policies are hardly followed in the workplace. Document storage is also a problem in such a scenario and retrieval of information is slow. Therefore, a paperless and automated system for documents management is required to improve productivity of employees which is secure as well as reliable.

Communication and collaboration culture of businesses has changed in recent years and electronic solutions have taken over the traditional ways. A right combination of collaboration and document management tools enables organizations to improve on its processes and you can cut down on operational as well as functional costs. With online document management solution, files are stored at a centralized repository to ensure ease of access to employees, teams as well as departments. Thus, tracking and locating the most updated version of a file is not a hassle with an indispensable document management system implemented in an organization.

There are a number of web-based document management solutions readily available in the market. But the perfect solution is the one which allows you to share, store and collaborate on documents and makes the whole experience convenient as well as fun. Two of the most widely used solutions in the world are provided by GroupDocs and DocSTAR which claim to provide the best capabilities. Therefore, we have decided to do a comparative analysis of both App Suites and find out about the unique features of both.



Both GroupDocs and DocSTAR provide cloud-based services thus, an option to store documents in the cloud to the customers. Both are enterprise level solutions used in a number of industries such as health-care, government, legal services etc. These solutions promise air tight security and encryption options to provide data protection. Both solutions ensure data portability which improves business communication as well as collaboration multiple times. You can work on your documents remotely and share your work with colleagues on the move. Employees can access company documents via Internet and keep track of updated versions of documents with the streamlined document management workflow and process.

Efficient retrieval of information, process automation as well as improved collaboration are the most powerful capabilities of both of these document management solutions. However, there are some key differentiating factors because of which these solutions stand apart. DocSTAR ensures workflow enablement on many browser devices such as smart phones and tablets to access key information or content. So, collaboration capabilities extend to the users on the go and they can access information at any time. It also provides automated indexing and embedded browser-based high volume scanning for organizational documents for the ease of the users.

On the other hand, GroupDocs consists of a suite of 6 Applications to organize, collaborate and share electronic documents. These Apps are simple and easy to use while GroupDocs Dashboard is quite interactive for first time users. It consists of a Viewer App to read documents in your browser in a very secure manner. An e-Signature App is provided which is a secure and reliable service. A document Conversion App lets you perform document conversion in a robust manner and retains the original quality, style and layout of your document because of high-fidelity rendering process. It’s mark-up App called GroupDocs Annotation lets you view and comment on documents (text and images) to perform a document review from anywhere. Assembly App by GroupDocs ensures document automation and assembly within a few seconds while it’s comparison App merges two documents which differ and highlight the points of conflict. All you need is access to the internet and collaboration is done by GroupDocs Apps in just a few seconds.

With many capabilities and incredible security of these SaaS-based platforms, both GroupDocs and DocSTAR provide users with a comparable document management experience. However, GroupDocs serves as a better choice with its complete Suite of document management Apps to fulfill all of your collaboration needs.

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