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LinkedIn Jobs Page Improves for the New Year

LinkedIn Jobs Page Improves for the New Year

Just yesterday I opened an email from LinkedIn only to find that they have updated the way you can search for jobs and look through recommended jobs. While social network changes usually have people either holding their breath or rolling their eyes, this is one change that actually appears to be something positive for users. After further investigation, it turns out that this change doesn’t add more features that make things confusing. It’s easy to understand and get used to using, and it continues to put out quality information. What could be better?

The Changes Made to LinkedIn Jobs

The changes made to LinkedIn Jobs are still not available for everyone to use, but LinkedIn has started launching the changes for everyone, so it shouldn’t be long. Until then, understanding what’s coming will help prepare you to get started whenever the updates do hit your profile. It seems as though there are three changes that have been made:

1. Look up jobs based on different categories.

LinkedIn added many filters for users to click when it comes to searching for jobs. Because this isn’t available for all users yet (myself included), below is a screenshot from a write-up Fast Company did on the advancements. As you can see, you now have the ability to search for jobs based upon country, zip code, industry, and function.

Advanced Job Search LinkedIn

2. LinkedIn Premium members gain access to even more filters.

As usual, LinkedIn makes it hard not to become a premium member. If you do sign up for LinkedIn premium, you will now be able to search for jobs based on salary. This is probably one of the things that job seekers look for most, so it’s a great feature that will surely knock up the number of those with premium accounts.

3. You can now track and bookmark jobs.

One of the most frustrating things about LinkedIn jobs was the fact that you couldn’t track jobs you’ve previously searched. With the changes, you’ll be able to do so and therefore make sure you don’t miss anything. You can also bookmark particular jobs so that you can come back and apply later.

How the Changes Will Affect You for the Better

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize that these filters will make it easier to search for jobs. However, what many don’t consider is how this will affect businesses. Because people can now filter results with this criteria in mind, it’s now important for businesses to make sure they have this type of information in their listing. If you didn’t previously discuss salary, you may want to consider it so that you show up in those results.

Have you seen the new LinkedIn jobs page yet? Do you think they made improvements, or are you missing things from the older version? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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