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Why Is Your Company So Anti-Social?

Why Is Your Company So Anti-Social?

If you could rattle off three things that your employer does not do well, what would they be?

While there is certainly a good chance that you put not paying its employees enough money is on that list, what would be a couple of other items your employer could do better?

There stands a good chance in today’s electronic information age that the company you work for is not doing enough or even anything with social media. If that is the case, your employer could be missing out on potential sales, sales that could lead to more money for you and your fellow workers over time.

First and foremost, in the event your company does have its hands involved in social media, are you doing it in-house or outsourcing the work?

If you are outsourcing it, does the consultant and/or company doing it have a real pulse on what your business is all about? If the social media efforts are directed from inside the operation, do you have someone with social media experience handling the promotions?

Whether your company’s social promotion is done onsite or outsourced, here are some tidbits to keep in mind:

* Be Consistent – Social media has little or no value if it is done on an intermittent basis. Consistency is the key here, as people who come to your company’s Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest pages and more do not want to see an occasional tweet, share, or pin. One of the major mistakes companies make is getting all excited about and starting a social media push, only to forget about it or put it on the backburner because other projects come up. If you’re going to do something in a half-hearted manner, you might as well not do it at all;

* Be Precise – While there is absolutely nothing wrong with companies showing their human side on social media from time to time (see more below), think before you tweet, share and pin. What value does this entry have to the customers we currently have, along with the ones we are looking to add? People get more than enough posts on the social media sites they are active on to which they have no interest in reading. Make your social efforts catch their attention. While on the subject of attention, don’t make social media a one-sided conversation. Make sure you listen as a company to what people are saying not only about your industry in general, but to what you do and don’t do well as a company. You can learn a number of things about your company, its reputation, and what consumers need by just putting your ear to the social media ground;

* Be Human – Yes, your company’s social media efforts should primarily revolve around informative information regarding your products and services, not to mention links to interesting data in your industry. That being said, you also should show your company’s human side at times. Posting items about your employees and office functions gives your business a more human appearance to those perusing the different social media sites that you are active on. If they feel some sort of connection to your company, you stand a much better chance of potentially landing some business with them;

* Be Networking – Lastly, reach out to others on social media who have something in common with your business. If you retweet and share their informative posts, they are more apt to do the same for you. As a result, you get your company name in front of eyes that you never even knew existed, leading you to potentially more sales. Look at social media as not replacing networking events that you go to, but being an additional means by which you can show people what your company is all about.

If social media has not been a priority with your employer in the past, is 2013 the year you and those you work with become more social?

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