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How To Turn Your Google Drive Into A Full-Fledged Cloud Office

How To Turn Your Google Drive Into A Full-Fledged Cloud Office

Google Drive has become a useful assistant for a lot of users already, as this service combines the functions of office package and of cloud storage where users can keep their data. But if you take a look into the Chrome Web Store, you’ll find out that it’s possible to broaden Google Drive’s functionality with the help of different third-party apps.

Here’re some of the most interesting and useful ones that will help you to upgrade you Google Drive.


Cacoo is a useful online tool that allows you to draw diagrams, charts, tables. A distinctive feature of this app is that it’s free, unlike many of similar tools. This tool will also be very useful for team that work remotely because all diagrams and charts created with Cacoo can be edited simultaneously by several users. All changes can be seen online. Apart from unique diagrams created by users you may use default patterns from the following categories:

  • Site map;
  • Web services;
  • UML;
  • ER-charts;
  • Text clouds;
  • Etc.



Here’s another app for designing visual diagrams. It is based on HTML5. It supports unlimited number of users who can work on a diagram at a time. All changes appear in real time, which is also useful for remote teams.

A user can choose one of the ready-made forms for creating diagrams and charts. The results can be saved in PDF, PNG and JPG formats, and also be added to blogs and wiki-sites. Apart from that, there’s a function of importing schemes from Visio (VDX files).

Lucid Chart

PDF Mergy

Simple but extremely useful tool for those who often works with several PDF files simultaneously. With its help you can unite several PDF files in one file by simple dragging.

Google Slides

This is a Google service for creating presentations. The files created in the process of making a presentation are saved in the background mode. The service supports the function of combined work and editing. All data, graphics, files created are automatically saved in Google Drive. Google Slides also supports import of the presentations in different formats.


Sketchboard.Me is a simple tool for developers and interface designers, who use Agile approach in their work. This app allows creating UML sketches, drawing maps and charts. There’s also a function of online commenting and editing.

This app will be a perfect solution for those who prefer paperless planning or works with remote customers. For accessing virtual board with charts and diagrams you just need to send a link to it to other users.


Pixlr Editor

Pixlr Editor is a useful browser graphics editor which personally I call as a “pocket Photoshop”. This editor is free, has great functional and supports a lot of different formats. Those who have worked with Gimp or Photoshop will easily get used to this online editor. Simplicity and flexibility make Pixlr Editor one of the most popular graphics editing tools.

Pixlr Editor


Paid MS Ofice has nothing to do with this application. Office is a free system for online management of your projects. This app combines text and table editors, and supports notes creation, file sending, and calculating expenses and operations with the help of online organizer.


This app is one of the simplest ways to sign electronic documents using Google Drive. For this purpose you’ll only need your digital signature. The app also supports mobile platforms. You don’t need to print anything, just apply your digital signature to the file you need to sign. All signed documents are automatically saved in your Google Drive account.



HelloFax is a useful tool for those people who often use fax. You don’t to scan or print your documents when using this app. It allows creating paperless workflow by sending, receiving, signing and filling in different forms without printing them. Supports more than 303 different document types.


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