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Reading Green: 5 Essential Apps for Bookworms

Reading Green: 5 Essential Apps for Bookworms

Environmentalists who love to read face an ideological problem: printed books use a lot of resources, including trees and water. With these green reading apps, bookworms have fewer concerns about harming the environment without giving up one of their favorite pastimes.

Cataloging Your Book Collection

Book Catalogue

Anyone who loves to read knows the difficulty of keeping a collection in order. The Book Catalogue app makes it easy to organize and locate your eBooks. The app shows you the authors, titles, and covers of your books. You can organize them by title, author, or genre. Perhaps even cooler, though, is that the app lets you:

  • Read book reviews
  • Keep track of books you lend to your friends
  • Find libraries that have the books you want to borrow

Shakespeare’s Complete Works

Shakespeare Complete Works

Shakespeare Complete Works¬†app lets you read every play and poem written by William Shakespeare. Instead of devoting an entire shelf of your bookcase to the bard’s work, you can keep it on your netbook. What is a netbook? For serious readers, it’s one of the best ways to carry a huge collection of books without destroying an entire forest.

Some highlights of the Shakespeare collection include:

  • Hamlet
  • Midsummer Night’s Dream
  • Othello
  • The Sonnets

Sharing Your Reading List


Goodreads originally became popular as a Facebook app. Now you can load it on your Android device. The Goodreads app has several features that book lovers will enjoy. Use it to:

  • Read reviews of over 12 million books written by more than 8.5 million members
  • Keep track of your reading list
  • Tell your friends what books you’re reading
  • Comment on reviews written by your friends
  • Scan your books so you can catalog your collection of printed books as well as eBooks

Audiobooks on the Go


Busy bookworms have to get their lit fix however they can. That often means listening to audiobooks in the car, during workouts, or while cleaning the house. The LibriVox app lets you listen to over 6,000 books for free.

LibriVox relies on volunteers who record and edit its audiobooks. It adds to its collection every day. Currently, the app gives you access to several genres, including:

  • history
  • fiction
  • classics
  • poetry
  • biography
  • short stories

It’s every compulsive reader’s dream come true.

Support Independent Booksellers with IndieBound Reader

IndieBound Reader

Worried that buying electronic books will put your local bookseller out of business? The IndieBound Reader app makes sure you support independent stores while take care of the planet by choosing paperless books.

IndieBound Reader makes sure a percentage of your purchase goes to an independent store. You even get to choose you support. As long as they’re part of the program, you can pay them for your Google eBooks.

eBooks make it possible for readers to amass large collections without feeling guilty. What apps have you found most helpful for your bookworm tendencies?

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