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The Ultimate List of Social Media Marketing Tools To Use In 2013

The Ultimate List of Social Media Marketing Tools To Use In 2013

This list encompasses all of hottest social media marketing tools you will want (and need) to use in this new year. These tools cover everything from content creation to content marketing. You can find tools in here that help you find which keywords you should use, to who is actually searching for what you offer, and even tools that help you in the final big step of launching a successful advertising campaign. A few tools listed will also help simplify your life by combining all of your social media accounts on one singular site.

  1. TrendSpottr – This site can aid you in discovering up to date information on any topic spanning the web. This would be a good site to use to search for keywords relevant to your business or target audience.
  2. Bottlenose – Bottlenose is a site designed to provide you with social media Analytics. The site includes a free search tool for tracking what news or topics are currently trending.
  3. Quora – Both Quora and LinkedIn Answers can help to provide marketers with information as to what audiences in a particular niche or industry have questions about. You can then, in turn, make sure you answer those questions for your target audience in your content.
  4. Evernote – Evernote is a really fantastic tool. It helps you to take note of things when you think of them, and it will even sync your notes to the same application on your phone or tablet. Not only is this tool resourceful, it’s absolutely ingenious!
  5. Google Keyword Tool – Google Keyword Tool is, as the name suggests, a fantastic tool for researching keywords. Keywords are of the utmost importance, so having a tool that can help make it simpler is always bonus.
  6. Google Analytics – This tool offers a wealth of information in the form of content marketing data. You can use this tool to easily figure out what kind of people are visiting your site, which keywords are bringing them in, and what they are searching for. This, in turn, helps you to figure out what your target audience’s actual interests are, so that you can apply that information to your marketing strategy.
  7. Prezi;; Piktochart – Each of these sites offer an array of tools you can  use in order to create gorgeous graphic presentations, form new ways to reuse old presentations, and visually show data in a way that your audience will find appealing.
  8. – This tool allows you to deliver your content to both your Twitter and Facebook accounts using an RSS feed that makes your life that much easier.
  9. BufferApp – BufferApp is perfect for those social media markets who use multiple accounts and/or sites. If this applies to you, then you are able to use this application to set a schedule that will automatically post your content throughout the day. You just have to add a piece of content to your ‘Buffer,’ create the posts, and that’s it- you’re ready to go!
  10. HootsuiteHootsuite is sort of like BufferApp. It allows you to read and update several social media sites at one time, on one site. You are also able to pre-schedule your posts, and see how many people have actually used your links.
  11. AdParlor – This company boasts big name clients like Groupon, Sega, and Ubisoft, but they’re a great ad company for the individual or small business as well. They offer plenty of options and price models. They are known to be a very effective company if you are looking to host a/n ad(s).
  12. Clickable; Keybroker Social – These are both sites designed to help you launch successful advertising campaigns. Clickable has an award winning Facebook suite which allows you to manage a huge campaign, while Keybroker Social is unique in that it has a free package. The free package only allows you 15 ads a day, but if you’re getting it for free? Hey, that’s pretty awesome!

Just in case some of those big name tools up there that everyone is raving about didn’t catch your attention, here is a simplified list of a few more tools you can check out:

Other Social Analytic Tools

Other Content Tools

  • Percolate
  • Amplicate
  • HowSociable
  • BrandMyMail
  • Needium
  • Crowdspoke
  • Postling

Other Social Marketing Tools

  • Shoutlet
  • Wildfire
  • GraphScience
  • GoChime
  • Adly
  • SocMetrics
  • MarketMeSuit
  • Fanplayr
  • Lithium
  • Syncapse
  • Adotomi
  • Zoniz
  • Buddy Media
  • Extole
  • Involver

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